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Today: We Make Our Skincare To Measure

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Today: We Make Our Skincare To Measure

If, like us, you believe that what you put onto your skin is just as important as what you put into your body, then UniverSkin bespoke skincare to measure is for you.

Many of us are concerned about the source of our food, its freshness and the nutritional value we get from it, so it stands to reason that we should take the same attitude with our skin. Our skin is the largest organ of the entire body, but it is in fact the last to get nutrients. This means that we need to make an extra effort to prevent damage, protect our skin and restore its health.

An Introduction to UniverSkin

Developed, tested, modified and introduced by a team of top french dermatologists, surgeons and doctors. UniverSkin is not only changing the way we think about our skincare, but also pioneering the way to better skin health.

The idea is simple: move away from universal skin serums, and make it about the individual. If we stop thinking about our skin in terms of oily/dry/sensitive/combination, and analyse, instead, what the main issues are, we can find the key to improving, if not clearing, that concern for good.

PHI Clinic’s Bespoke Skincare Range

Joining forces with UniverSkin, PHI Clinic is able to offer its patients tailor-made skincare. Basing the active ingredients on the presented concerns of the patient, we can create a unique formulaic blend that will target and improve said conditions.

With two UniverSkin bars in house at our Harley Street location, we can consult you, draw up your very own prescription and mix the serum together for skincare to measure right in front of you. No fuss, no problem.

Your Skin Assessment

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For new patients, it is paramount that our aestheticians see you in person for a skin consultation, before we can create your serum. We need to get to know your skin, discuss your main concerns and deduce what ingredients will best serve your skin. It is also extremely useful to know about any medications, treatments and relevant medical history you have, to ensure you get the best serum we can possibly give you.

From there, we can draw up a treatment plan that outlines exactly what we have gone through and what skincare and treatments we recommend.

Your Skin Review

In order to make sure you are using the serum correctly and that you are getting optimum results from the treatment, we ask that all patients come back in for a review once, every 6 weeks. We can check your skin, monitor the progression and track it with clinical photos, for in-house use only.

Sound good?

Call Us Now To Book

PHI Clinic has three highly-trained clinicians who carry out skin consultations. To check their availability to meet with you, please give us a call on 0207 034 5999 today. We can assist you in your booking and also make sure you are prepared before your consultation. Our dedicated administrative team are in house and are always happy to help, should you need us.

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