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Welcome to our new website!

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Our dedicated team have put in hours of hard work to ensure we can present the most effective interface for every patient.

One of the most important factors for us was making sure that our site worked as beautifully and smoothly on a phone or tablet as it does on a computer, so along with the amazing revamp, we now have a fully responsive mobile site that better suits to serve your needs.

New Features

Every single one of our condition and treatment pages have been updated to make all information clear and accessible for every visitor to the site, and are easier to navigate than ever due to the introduction of our stunning new search facility. This enables every user to make the most of our comprehensive condition and treatment guides, along with the inclusion of brand searching. We have further enhanced this by making parts of the site available in Arabic.

As well as these ease of access features, our site now includes fully updated practitioner profiles for our highly experienced clinicians so you can find out the background of your assigned clinician, which we understand to be a big part of finding a cosmetic practice that fills you with confidence.

Our Medical Director, Dr Tapan Patel, has a range of charitable activity, which is explored in depth in the PHI-lanthropy section of the new site, showcasing the work he does both nationally and internationally to establish and develop meaningful community links. These include treating acid attack victims free of charge, and even extend to sponsoring a school in an earthquake-affected area of India. As well as this, one of our main tenets at PHI Clinic is continuing to raise the bar for the cosmetics industry, which we support with our CLARI-PHI venture, in which we aim to create a network of experts working together to ensure continued professional development.

Our hopes for the future, similar to our CLARI-PHI philosophy, are to carry on improving both ourselves and the industry in which we thrive, in order to best represent the amazing work we feel we achieve at PHI.

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