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Why We Use Juvederm Products

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At PHI Clinic, we see hundreds of patients come through our doors every week, so it’s vital that we ensure that we are providing them with the best possible results with every treatment. We make no sacrifice in the products that we use, the devices that we have, and the experience and training of our practitioners, as it is of the utmost importance to us that the treatment you have is of the highest quality. This includes exclusively using Juvederm products for our dermal filler treatments, for their safety and efficacy.

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Why Do We Use The Juvederm Vycross Range By Allergan?

For many years,Juvederm products have been a leading brand in the production of aesthetic products to include genuine real Botox. Botox is the brand name associated with the prescription medication Botulinum Toxin type A – created by Allergan, and since then, they have continued to pioneer technological advances in aesthetics with the use of HA fillers.

Dr Tapan Patel, our medical director has been practising for over 18 years, and in that time has experienced using many different product types, and a particular favourite of his is the Juvederm product range for a number of reasons, including the safety, efficacy, longevity, and adaptability of the product. Juvederm has continued to increase and improve their product ranging, providing doctors and injectors with much more flexibility with their styles of treatment.

Around six years ago, the Vycross range was introduced to the UK, and Dr Tapan was one of the leading members who were introducing the new range and new techniques to the UK industry. In our training academy on floor one, Academy 102, Dr Tapan has educated hundreds of doctors in the most modern techniques in dermal filler application, all using the Juvederm Vycross range.

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The Vycross Range In Particular Has Its Own Benefits


The vycross range comes in a number of different types – we have Volift, Volbella, Voluma, Volite. All of these have different textures and densities that will enable the doctor or practitioner to produce incredibly natural results.


The longevity of this product is the largest in the market, lasting between 18 and 24 months. (Please bear in mind this may vary depending upon the patient and depending upon where the product is used – for example, if placed in the nose, it will last longer than product placed in the lips, as there is less movement in the nose than the mouth.)


Juvederm comes with a very effective counterproduct called hyalase, which is safe to administer, if for any reason you are left unsatisfied with treatment. A simple application of hyalase can be introduced to the injection site, which removes the product safely and easily.

Why Juvederm Products

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