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Yezidi Emergency Support PHI-Lanthropy Charity Ball

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As well as directing PHI Clinic, alongside an online training platform for cosmetic practitioners and a practical injectables training day, Dr Tapan also has a charity organisation that he runs with his wife, Gudiya. Through PHI-Lanthropy, Dr Tapan has provided free treatments to burn and scar victims like Darren Pidgeon, Tulsi Vagjiani, and Katie Piper, as well as being involved in the immediate relief efforts following the Gujarat earthquake in 2001 and continuing to sponsor a school there. Phi-Lanthropy’s most recent focus has been on the Yezidi Emergency Support.

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Yezidi Emergency Support

On Saturday 13th October 2018, PHI-Lanthropy held a Diwali ball to raise money for a very worthy cause. The aim of the night was to help support the Yezidi Emergency Support, or YES, charity. YES was founded by Anne Norona, a Penzance nurse, who won the 2018 Women of the Year’s ‘Shine A Light’ award for her work with the survivors of genocide on Mount Sinjar in Iraqi Kurdistan. Targeted in 2014, ISIS attacked Yezidi towns and villages, forcing hundreds of thousands to evacuate to the mountains.

Hundreds of vulnerable people died along the way, mostly comprised of children and the elderly. Those who were left behind were split by gender, with the men being slaughtered and women and children sold into slavery or kept as prizes for the ISIS fighters. These captured Yezidis were subject to systematic torture and rape at the hands of extremists. Thousands of Yezidis remain missing, though many have escaped or been bought back, and the crisis has been ignored by surrounding governments in the 4 years since the initial attack. This is the 74th genocide in history against the Yezidis, whose numbers have fallen from millions to just over 800,000.

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Montcalm Hotel London

On the night of the ball, we showed a presentation and video of the story of the Yezidis and the conditions they live in now to those in attendance, and had support from local talents, who made the night a celebration of the work done so far as well as the planned developments.

We raised over £60,000 for the Yezidi Emergency Support, with all proceeds going directly to those on the ground, in the form of accommodation, health and wellbeing services, education, and more.

To find out more about the Yezidis or donate to the cause, you can visit the Yezidi Emergency Support website here.

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