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10 Years Younger Before And After

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Many of us wear our hearts on our sleeves and many more still carry our stresses and strains on our faces. The trials and tribulations of life can often make us appear older than we are, knocking our confidence. The Channel 5 show 10 Years Younger In 10 Days, which has revealed some of the most incredible 10 Years Younger before and after results set out to address this problem by making over a selection of the UK’s hard-working and slightly downtrodden men and women.

The premise of the 10 Years Younger before and after reveals is to demonstrate how you can stop the clock, turn back time, and most of all boost confidence without a scalpel in sight. By using non-surgical cosmetic enhancements, dentistry, a wardrobe restyle, hair makeover, and makeup lessons you can completely restore your lost confidence and your natural beauty in under two weeks.

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Debbie’s On 10 Years Younger in 10 days

Debbie runs a charity and at just 53, had become entirely unsatisfied with the way she presented herself. Often, Debbie would attend networking events and conferences and proclaimed she felt so dull she blends into the background. She felt she looked unprofessional and tired looking and would sit in the corner rather than put herself forwards. The Great British public took a poll and the estimated average age for her came out at 58, understandably upsetting for a woman who feels much younger on the inside but isn’t sure how to express that more youthful side anymore.

Debbie came to see Dr Tapan Patel at PHI Clinic, which is nestled in the heart of London’s medical district on Harley Street. Dr Tapan believes that surgery-free treatment shouldn’t change the face but rather freshen it up, and with 20+ years of experience as an internationally respected aesthetic doctor, Debbie was in exceptionally good hands. Dr Tapan revealed that many people are reticent about freshening up their faces with dermal filler because everyone knows someone that looks a bit strange following their treatment with fillers. However, he pointed out that blaming the fillers is like blaming cars for causing accidents. He went on to highlight the importance of choosing the right practitioner and the benefits of a thorough consultation to establish exactly what the goals and expectations of the patients are.

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Consultation with Dr Tapan

During her consultation, Dr Tapan explained in-depth to Debbie that she had a beautiful and expressive face and that he intended to maintain that aspect. He proposed some muscle relaxing injections in the lower face, however, to prevent her from increasing the ageing lines that had begun to form due to repeated expressions.

He then used Juvederm Volux, a dermal filler specifically designed for the chin area, to restore lost volume and balance to Debbie’s face. She noted that there was a huge difference immediately.

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10 Years Younger Before And After: Debbie’s Reaction

Following the 10 days of treatments and makeovers, the British public was once again polled and this time Debbie’s average age came out at 47, a whopping 11 year reduction from the original poll! When Debbie saw her reflection for the first time following the complete transformation, she was in awe.

“I didn’t look this good in my 20’s…it took my breath away…I feel totally amazing! I like the person I see in the mirror now”. Debbie also went on to say she felt so good that at the next conference or networking event she would appear front and centre as she felt her outer appearance finally matched the inner Debbie.

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10 Years Younger Before And After: Why We Used Botox

Dr Tapan used Botox in Debbie’s lower face to restore her youthful look. Injecting toxin into the lower face isn’t about immobilising all of the muscles because we have to be able to speak, smile, and communicate via our facial expression. It is about targeting the muscles that contribute to wrinkles and a droopy appearance of the lower face, to produce a smoother contoured face and neck, and to de-program the overactive muscles.

Dr Tapan and his team of highly experienced practitioners at PHI use Botox anti-wrinkle injections: the original product on the market with a large emphasis on safety. These injections are a natural, purified protein used to temporarily relax facial muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles.

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10 Years Younger Before And After: Why We Used Dermal Fillers

Debbie herself noted that her chin is an area of concern during the consultation, Dr Tapan firmly agreed that by restoring volume Debbie’s face would instantly look exquisitely shaped, more defined and they would balance her profile. Dermal fillers contain proteins that are introduced under the skin via injection.

At PHI, we only use the most sophisticated range on the market: Juvéderm by Allergan. These products are pliable solutions that enhance natural features and recontour areas of concern. As they are not permanent, patients do not have to fear that the results are irreversible, but they can, however, enjoy results for up to 24 months post-treatment.

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