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Dr Tapan's Luxury non - surgical cosmetic clinic in London

Dr Tapan Patel is proud to welcome you to PHI Clinic: a state-of-the-art cosmetic clinic that specialises in non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

PHI Clinic is home to an international team of the most respected and talented cosmetic doctors and clinicians. Specialising in non invasive cosmetic treatments like Wrinkle treatments, Coolsculpting, Face fillers, Laser Hair Removal, Peels, Skin tightening treatments like Endolift and much more. All performed by highly trained and respected practitioners

At PHI Clinic, we are committed to providing the best in quality treatments, safety and care. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of treatments, with the best possible results. Whether you are looking to reduce wrinkles, enhance your skin tone and texture, or restore lost volume and shape to your face, we have the right treatments for you.

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Exclusive skin, face & body treatments in Harley Street, London

We believe in providing outstanding service for all our patients and we believe in creating a serene, calm and professional environment for them to be treated in. We strive for the highest standards, which is reflected not only in our range of treatments and the superiority of our clinicians and products, but also throughout our administrative staff, every patient matters.

PHI Clinic truly sets the bar for a new breed of anti-ageing clinics that offer the most effective and safe treatments, alongside a five-star service.

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Our PHI Clinic Team

Dr Tapan Patel has hand-selected the clinical team to ensure PHI’s core values are upheld. Our doctors focus on providing the most sophisticated procedures, and producing natural-looking, subtle results.

Our staff are continually building on their skill set to ensure that they are able to offer pioneering, yet safe, techniques. At our Harley Street clinic, we provide a full range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in London, including wrinkle treatment, fat reduction, anti-ageing and skin perfection.

We endeavour to provide the best, most suitable treatment for the individual, making sure all questions and concerns are addressed prior to treatment and that all our patients leave fully-satisfied.

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As Seen on 10 Years Younger From 18th March: Thursday, Channel 5 at 9pm

Our medical director Dr Tapan Patel is the cosmetic physician featured on Channel 5’s 10 Years Younger, alongside a team of experts in other fields, to transform candidates seeking expert advice to turn back the clock 10 years in 10 days. Dr Tapan individually assesses each concern from the candidates to determine the best treatment plan. As you may have seen on the show, Dr Patel uses Endolift, skin tightening devices, and dermal fillers to achieve a non-surgical facelift for a youthful look.

Catch season 2 of 10 Years Younger on Channel 5!

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Multi - Award Winning Clinic

Since opening our doors and providing great value and results for our patients we are delighted to highlight that we have picked up a few awards along the way.

Understanding that we are not defined by our accolades, we set our own guidelines to ensure we continue to improve our service to patients.

We stand for Excellence, Credibility, No Compromise, Satisfaction & Innovation. We substantiate these claims by educating the industry on the latest tried and tested techniques in aesthetics.

Dr Tapan has taught delegates and spoken at congresses in every continent in the world, sharing his knowledge and learning from colleagues. Having witnessed the finest clinics in the world he set out to build his own world class clinic right here in London.

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Four weeks ago, I found myself on a couch in a Harley Street clinic, a doctor marking up my face with a Sharpie, indicating the places he was about to inject with filler.

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With over 14 years experience in cosmetic dermatology, Dr Tapan Patel is live in the studio to tell us what to look out for.

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