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Dermal fillers London

Dermal fillers are a hydrating and long-lasting injectable treatment, delivered by our accredited experts to swiftly rejuvenate and even restructure the face and lips.


  • Doctor led treatment 
  • Temporary and non surgical
  • Minimal downtime

Dermal fillers at PHI Clinic London

Dermal fillers are often injected to reinvigorate the skin, brightening the face for a more youthful, yet natural, look. Whether you’re looking to transform thin lips with lip fillers (lip enhancement), temporarily restructure the nose with non-surgical rhinoplasty, or refresh the face with a non-surgical facelift, we’re here to create your bespoke treatment plan. From tear trough filler, to smoothing crepey skin, fine lines and wrinkles, right through to transforming prominent jowls, these face fillers create life-changing results.


Our highly-skilled medical face fillers experts at PHI Clinic London also use this renowned treatment to plump and restructure the lips and face, creating flawless results without needing to go under the knife. For a glimpse into cosmetic treatments without a scalpel in sight, our temporary dermal fillers performed at our London Clinic could be the perfect fit.

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What are dermal fillers?

Fillers are cosmetic treatments that add volume to the face, injected as a liquid solution under the skin of the face or lips. Restoring volume in the chosen area, the gel is carefully injected by one of our specialist injectors to transform the face for natural-looking results. By injecting key points on the face, our specialists can perform a non-surgical facelift, also known as a ‘liquid facelift’ when face fillers are used, which gives outstanding anti-ageing results.


Juvéderm fillers are made with FDA approved hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance that occurs naturally in skin but diminishes with age. Extensive clinical research has shown that this type of dermal filler is both safe and effective, creating subtle enhancements to the face. Dermal fillers are an effective and immediate way to address facial volume loss and deep wrinkles, a natural process that plays a major role in visible ageing. 

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Face fillers, as seen on 10 Years Younger in 10 Days

Face fillers, as seen on 10 Years Younger in 10 Days

Who will perform my treatment?

PHI Clinic founder and medical practitioner Dr Tapan Patel has over 19 years in the aesthetics industry and is regarded as one of the best dermal filler injectors in the world. He holds the 2023 Aesthetics Award for Outstanding Achievement in Medical Aesthetics, and is a global trainer for Allergan Aesthetics, manufacturer of the world’s leading dermal filler brand, Juvéderm.


Dr Tapan has selected a team of highly-skilled cosmetic doctors in London that meet his exemplary standards in hyaluronic acid dermal filler treatments, ensuring that all PHI Clinic patients are offered the very highest levels of care. Our Harley Street doctors’ work is refined and methodical, addressing skin concerns whilst considering skin type with a key focus on achieving beautiful, natural- looking results.


Our cosmetic nurses also provide dermal filler procedures, and have trained extensively under Dr Tapan to achieve excellent results for their patients. With a key understanding of facial contours and facial anatomy we pride ourselves on outstanding levels of satisfaction for all our dermal filler treatments.

Lip Fillers (Lip enhancement)

It is natural for the lips to thin with age, contributing to a wrinkled, less youthful look. Many men and women are also born with naturally thin lips, and desire a fuller shape. We use the most advanced cosmetic procedure, dermal lip fillers to enhance your natural lip shape in a subtle, natural-looking way. We use Juvéderm Ultra, Juvéderm Voluma &  Volbella, a soft tissue dermal filler specially designed for this delicate area, giving a soft, elegant and discreet result. Volbella contains lidocaine, allowing the lips to be numbed and volumised simultaneously for the most comfortable experience.

Non surgical nose job with dermal fillers

Dermal filler injections can be used to reshape the nose (non surgical rhinoplasty) without the risks and downtime of traditional surgery and 'at home' treatments such as nose shapers that may cause more harm. Crooked or asymmetrical noses are commonly treated with this technique. During a non-surgical nose job, small amounts of filler are injected into the bridge and tip of the nose, with placement tailored to the needs of the individual patient. Results are seen immediately and can last up to 24 months.

Chin Fillers

A weak chin, also known as a recessive jaw, is usually a genetic trait, and can be a source of great self-consciousness. The side profile lacks a clear neck-to-chin contour, and the upper lip may seem to protrude out unnaturally. Surgery and implants are able to alter the appearance of the jaw, but chin dermal fillers can offer a minimally invasive alternative. Expert use of an appropriate product by an aesthetic doctor or aesthetic practitioner can add structure to the face, with chin augmentation (chin filler) results lasting up to two years.

Cheek fillers

Volume loss in the cheeks is a natural part of the ageing process, and can have a huge impact on the whole face. The rounded, youthful look diminishes as the fat pads in our cheeks shrink, which in turn causes the whole face to shift downward. Dermal fillers (cheek fillers) can be used to plump up the cheeks, restoring a more youthful structure to the face.

Under eye dermal fillers (tear trough for eye bags)

Many factors, including ageing and genetics, can contribute to the appearance of eye bags. Operations to remove eye bags have been performed for many years, but not all patients want or need surgical intervention. In many cases, tear trough fillers can offer a minimally-invasive alternative by creating a smoother, more uniform appearance under the eyes. A series of micro-injections are expertly placed and the area is then gently massaged by the practitioner to ensure the filler is distributed for optimum results. Tear trough fillers can help to restore lost volume, improve the appearance of dark circles and create a less hollowed, brighter look around the eyes. A series of micro-injections are placed along the line of the hollow, and the area is then gently massaged to ensure the product is evenly distributed.

Dermal filler for crow's feet

Crow’s feet, or smile lines, are wrinkles that form around the corners of the eyes. They are one of the first signs of ageing, and can be hastened by factors such as sun exposure or smoking. As we age, we produce less collagen, the substance which keeps our skin supple and firm. But, dermal filler injections can soften the appearance of crow’s feet facial lines.

Dermal fillers - nasolabial folds

Also referred to as smile lines (nose to mouth lines), these lines run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Most of us notice these lines when smiling, laughing or talking, but over time they can develop into static lines. Adding volume to the mid-face with fillers has a gentle lifting effect which softens the appearance of these smile lines. This technique may be combined with tiny amounts of filler injected directly into the lines. Treating nasolabial folds with dermal filler is a key part of our non-surgical facelift technique.

Dermal fillers - marionette lines

Located just below the corners of the mouth, the marionette lines  can make you look sad or angry when your face is at rest. Dermal fillers can help get rid of marionette lines by restoring volume to the mid-face which in turn has a subtle lifting effect on the lower mouth area. This technique is performed as part of our non-surgical ‘liquid facelift’ treatment to address deep lines.

Dermal fillers for jowls

Sagging skin along the lower jawline is commonly referred to as jowls, particularly when it hangs below the jaw itself. Dermal fillers are a popular treatment for jowls, restoring volume and contouring the face.

Dermal filler for smokers lines (Vertical lip lines)

Vertical lip lines are commonly referred to as smokers lines, but can also be caused by factors such as genetics, ageing and sun damage. With ageing comes the breakdown of collagen and elastin, the proteins that keep skin firm and plump. This in turn causes skin to become looser, saggy and wrinkled. Small vertical lines can develop on the lips over time, extending from the lip border both up towards the nose and down towards the chin. Dermal fillers can smooth and fill out these fine lines, giving a much younger-looking appearance to the lips and surrounding area.

Dermal fillers - frown lines

Frown lines, also called glabella lines, are the furrows between the eyebrows, typically shaped like the number 11. Expression lines turn into permanent static lines when the skin loses its ability to spring back after frowning. Dermal filler can soften the appearance of frown lines. And, combining this with Botox treatment can often optimise results.

Weak chin - dermal fillers

A weak chin, also known as a recessive jaw, is usually a genetic trait, and can be a source of great self-consciousness. The side profile lacks a clear neck-to-chin contour, and the upper lip may seem to protrude out unnaturally.


Dermal filler is an effective, minimally invasive alternative to surgery or a surgical face lift. These fillers add structure to the face, with results lasting up to two years.

Safe and effective treatment

At PHI Clinic, our highly skilled team of medical professionals specialise in dermal fillers treatments. Using dermal fillers, our skilled doctors and nurses skilfully inject precise amounts of product to deliver the desired results.

Renowned for our safety, patient satisfaction, and a natural, elegant aesthetic. PHI Clinic, Harley Street is led by Dr Tapan Patel, a world-leading practitioner and trainer in the art of dermal fillers. We regularly organise doctor seminars to facilitate the exchange of knowledge among our expert doctors. These seminars provide a platform for our team to share their latest insights and stay up to date with the most advanced techniques in dermal filler treatments. By actively participating in these seminars, we ensure that the entire PHI team remain at the forefront of the field, equipped with the safest and most effective injection techniques in delivering exceptional results.

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How long do dermal fillers last?

Dermal fillers can last between 12-24 months. But this depends on the type of filler used, how much is used and the patient themselves. As the lifespan of filler can also be impacted by metabolic rate, smoking and sun exposure, this varies from person to person.

This also depends on where the filler is injected. As there's significantly less movement in the nose compared to the lips, for example, nose filler tends to last longer.

Dermal filler frequently asked questions


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