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Bags under eyes: causes and treatment

Bags under the eyes are the puffy and dark circles under the eyes that appear, even if you’re well-rested. They can be caused by factors such as alcohol-consumption, salt-rich foods, lack of sleep, smoking and genetics. 


How to get rid of eye bags?

If you’re wondering how to get rid of eye bags, it’s good to weigh up your options. Some swear by home remedies like placing tea bags beneath the eyes or adding essential oils and eye creams. Restoring volume in the skin with a non-surgical aesthetic treatment such as dermal fillers may be the long-lasting fix you’re looking for.


At our London clinic, Juvéderm dermal fillers are used to treat bags under the eyes with a gel infused with hyaluronic acid, a liquid naturally stored in the skin to retain moisture, restoring plumpness in the under eyes. As this under eye bag treatment isn’t surgical or invasive, you can go about your day as normal. And you’ll feel fresh-faced and wide-eyed in a matter of days. 

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Bags under eyes - what are they?

As we age, the surrounding eye tissue weakens and the fat that once supported the eyes moves to the lower eyelids. And to add to this, fluid can then sit in this area and worsen under eye bags. This can appear as mild swelling, loose or saggy skin and dark circles. So even if you’ve had a good night’s sleep, your eye bags may say otherwise.

In a recent survey in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal with 14,584 participants, the biggest concern highlighted was under-eye bags and dark circles.  To add to this concern, eye bags can be there for the long run if they’re not treated. But removing factors such as a salt-rich diet, sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption and smoking can help lessen the blow. To treat eye bags, many turn to skincare, home remedies, or under eye filler to get the best results. 

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What causes bags under the eyes?

Bags under your eyes can be caused by lots of different factors, including ageing, weakening of the orbital septum, smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, genetics and a poor diet. 


  • Ageing. As we age, fatty tissue in the upper cheeks breaks down, which can lead to protruding bulges under the eye. 
  • Weakening of the orbital septum. A thin membrane that holds fat under the eye, the orbital septum can weaken and allow the fat behind it to sag. This then presses against the skin under the eye, adding to or causing these bags.
  • Smoking. Smoking causes skin to become dehydrated, and some doctors suggest that nicotine withdrawal during the night can disrupt sleep, which worsens dark circles.
  • Alcohol consumption. Alcohol is another vice that causes the skin to become dehydrated, making it more likely to become weak and sink below the eyes.
  • Lack of sleep. When you don’t have enough sleep, blood vessels can dilate, creating or worsening dark circles under eyes.
  • Genetics. Genetics can play a big part in how noticeable bags beneath the eyes are. But just because it runs in the family, doesn’t mean this is the main reason for your eye bags.
  • Poor diet. A high sodium diet can affect the delicate under eye area. Salty foods can cause water retention beneath the eye, making bags more obvious.

Treatment by the experts

Our experienced doctors and nurses at our award-winning London clinic continue to change lives with our dermal fillers, treating areas such as tear troughs to transform the surrounding under eye area.

Dermal fillers can be used under the eyes to help tackle a tired and dull complexion. As dermal fillers are temporary, the treatment is non-surgical and is carefully injected beneath the eyes. To replenish lost volume in the under eye area,  we use hyaluronic acid dermal fillers from the Juvéderm range by Allergan Aesthetics. Patients visit us for a filler treatment as it's quick, easy and "a lot less drastic than going under the knife".

We understand that with so many under eye bag treatments out there, it can take the excitement out of a potential transformation. But during your consultation at our London clinic, we’ll talk you through the treatment from start to finish, so you can decide whether dermal fillers are the right under eye bag treatment for you.

Are under eye fillers safe?

Dermal fillers are a safe, non-surgical treatment used under the eyes. As our dermal fillers are enriched with hyaluronic acid, a liquid that is already naturally stored in the body, your under eyes are treated with the very best product.


Serious problems are rare if you see an experienced medical professional. Dermal fillers should only be used by medically trained clinicians to ensure a safe and effective treatment. With a team led by Dr Tapan who has been injecting dermal fillers for over 20 years, our specialists are the best of the best. 

Do under eye fillers hurt?

When dermal filler is injected beneath the eyes, you’ll feel slight pain for a few minutes. So you can get rid of your unwanted bags with minimal discomfort. 

Safe and effective treatment

Your safety is our top priority and making our patients feel welcomed and reassured when entering PHI Clinic. To ensure maximum standard of patient care, all of our treatments are only ever carried out by our experienced and highly qualified team, who receive regular in-house and external training from industry experts. 

At PHI Clinic we do not offer same day treatment as initial consultation to ensure patients have time to reflect on their bespoke treatment plan before choosing to proceed. 

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