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How To Improve Saggy Jowls

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Whilst saggy jowls look cute on some animals they are not considered an attractive acquisition in humans. You need not look too far to find a plethora of suggestions for combating them naturally including face patches, serums, massage, and even face yoga. But, with very little evidence for their efficacy, some saggy jowl sufferers turn to surgeries to achieve a svelte jawline.

However, if the thought of anaesthesia and invasive surgery is a step too far then the good news is there is a very definite middle ground which is also highly effective in producing natural and outstanding results.

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What Are Saggy Jowls And What Causes Them?

In humans, jowls are excess or saggy skin on the neck just below the jawline and chin. Almost everyone develops at least minor jowls as they age and their skin becomes less elastic. Several factors, including heredity, stress, repetitive facial habits, and lifestyle choices, can cause more pronounced jowls at almost any age. As the skin ages, it starts to lose some of the compounds that help keep its shape, specifically fat and the connective tissue proteins elastin and collagen.

Ageing and some lifestyle factors such as smoking can also make the skin drier and thinner, making it more difficult to maintain its form. As the skin becomes less resilient and full, it becomes more vulnerable to gravity and slowly begins to sag. At PHI we treat each patient as an individual and as such no two people are ever treated the same, however, we do have a multi-pronged approach to saggy jowls that can be adapted to suit each and every individual, enabling saggy jowls to be corrected, skin rejuvenated, and your natural beauty restored.

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CoolSculpting Mini And Saggy Jowls

The CoolSculpting treatment uses cryolipolysis to remove fat cells from specific areas of the body. Stubborn fat deposits are a common occurrence in many and can be hard to shift with exercise and a healthy diet alone, especially under the chin area which can be due to genetics in many cases. Most of us would prefer not to undergo surgery, as it can be uncomfortable, and it’s rather extreme if it is simply to address a small pocket of fat beneath the chin which you wish to eliminate.

At PHI, we address the fat deposits under the chin with the CoolSculpting Mini which can effectively address smaller areas of stubborn fat. The Mini applicator targets submental fat underneath the chin, with results noticeable with as few as two treatments, for a more contoured neck with the CoolSculpting advantage of minimal downtime. Cryolipolysis is a fantastic liposuction alternative that enables us to freeze your fat, which your body then naturally processes and flushes out from the body.

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Skin Tightening And Saggy Jowls

At PHI Clinic, we have an enviable collection of skin tightening treatments for the face, which affords us the luxury of tailoring our innovative technologies to each patient, offering only what we believe will provide the best results for you. One of the methods we adopt for tightening saggy jowl skin is ultrasound technology which targets the dermis of the skin, producing heat energy to stimulate collagen production.

Over time, the skin becomes firmer and lifts, without the need for surgery. The Ultraformer device provides lifting and tightening by stimulating repair at a deeper level. We also use Radio-Frequency technology which is capable of treating various depths of the skin’s tissue. It operates by disrupting the collagen fibres to trigger the body’s natural healing process, firming the skin over a period of time.

All of our skin tightening options work on multi-levels, deep in the dermis to promote collagen production and on the surface, improving overall tone and texture remodelling your jawline and recapturing its former beauty.

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Dermal Fillers And Saggy Jowls

Dermal fillers can be expertly applied to restore volume to most areas of concern including the jawline. At PHI, we only use the Juvederm Vycross range by Allergan which contains hyaluronic acid, a natural cushioning agent found in skin, to address facial concerns. The Juvederm range is the global market leader and produces the softest and most natural results, avoiding the overdone or overfilled look and producing an outstandingly natural end result that is always our aim at PHI.

One of the causes of saggy jowls can be due to a weak or small chin but thankfully injectables can be brilliantly employed to change the appearance in non-surgical chin augmentation. We also use the 8-point lift technique, wherein a sagging jaw and neck can be treated to reduce the appearance of lax skin and jowls caused by loss of volume or subcutaneous fat. By filling certain points of the face, the volume can be restored, which in turn leads to a reduction of loose skin on or below the jaw.

Our doctors are all highly experienced in dermal filler application, and lecture both nationally and internationally on the best techniques, so you are always in safe hands. Results last up to 24 months and are noticeable immediately following treatment.

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Jawline consulation london

At PHI, we will always ask you to come in for a consultation with your clinician before booking in treatment. During that process, one of our highly skilled and hand-picked team will discuss in detail what it is you want to achieve and will put together a treatment plan that is tailored specifically to you, your skin, and your goals.

To book a consultation, you can call us directly on 02070345999 or email info@phiclinic.com for more information. You can also follow us on social media to learn more about our treatments and see previous patient results.

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