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Tear Trough Treatment Testimonial

tear trough treatment testimonial nonsurgical london

For a solution to eye bags and puffiness around the eyes, the last thing you might expect to help is dermal fillers, but light, specific application can drastically affect their appearance for the better. This great tear trough treatment review and article written by Lynne Hyland, as tested on Susanna Galton, demonstrates just how beneficial a small amount of hyaluronic acid based filler can be in this tear trough treatment testimonial.

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“Being endlessly told I look knackered is not good for morale. Yes I’ve had three kids, and yes I am partial to the odd late night and glass of wine. But I’ve had eye bags long before I started ‘earning’ them.”

“I was impressed by PHI Clinic’s ‘before and after’ pictures of eye bags treated with injectable fillers, and it seemed a lot less drastic than going under the knife.”

“After peering at my face from all angles, Dr Tapan Patel confirmed my issue wasn’t about ageing but a ‘constitutional’ one – it’s simply the way my face is made. He was confident fillers injected into the ‘tear trough’ area (the bit that looks dark and shadowy) would make an improvement and even assured me the results could be reversed in the very unlikely event I wasn’t happy.”

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Tear Trough Treatment Testimonial

“Numbing cream was applied to my under eye area, so I barely felt a thing. I’ve had more painful facials. I walked out half an hour later thrilled with the results. I didn’t look weird or like I’d had anything ‘done,’ just less haggard.”

“I didn’t tell most people what I’d done, but soon was enjoying comments that I ‘seem well’. It was as if people could tell I looked better, they just weren’t sure why. I can’t deny I am overjoyed with the result. When I catch my reflection in shop windows my heart doesn’t sink anymore. I still look my age (and that’s fine) but I appear less laden with woes. I feel the ‘exterior’ me reflects the upbeat person I’ve always felt inside. And it really is wonderful not having strangers tell me I look tired all the time.”

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Treatment Cost

Tear trough treatments begin at £750, and require a prior consultation to ensure the correct course of treatment is followed, as well as allowing you thinking time. Dr Tapan Patel has performed hundreds of these treatments, and regularly teaches other professionals his injection techniques.

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