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Tear Trough

Tear Trough

Introduction To Tear Trough Treatment

Tear Trough Filler Rejuvenation is a series of micro-injections that are placed along the line of the hollow and the practitioner usually gently massages the area to ensure the gel is evenly distributed.

As we age and lose soft tissue volume, trough-like hollows can appear in the crease where the cheekbone meets the under eye. Being a focal point and key facial feature, it is not surprising that so many have issues with under eye bags and ageing in this area. The skin starts to sag, the eye socket hollows with age, and the skin can become crepey and wrinkled. Around the eyes, the crow’s feet lines and wrinkles become more prominent, making us look tired and older than we feel.

Operations to remove the bags under the eyes have been performed for many years; a surgical procedure in the form of a lower eyelid lift or blepharoplasty can treat very loose skin or pronounced eye bags but this won’t necessarily be suitable for all patients. Another option is to treat with hyaluronic dermal fillers in a temporary non-surgical procedure called tear trough treatment. PHI Clinic are dedicated to providing as many treatment options as possible for our patients.

We believe in providing tailored treatment plans according to the individual, their presented concern, and the desired result. We are confident that for any one condition, we can provide multiple treatment options that may help improve the condition or skin complaint.

Tear trough treatment may be effective for those who have hollowing under the eye. As we age, our eye sockets become much more prominent and defined, making us look gaunt. With a precise amount of specially-designed dermal filler, our aesthetic doctors can add volume and structure once more to the tear trough, while avoiding the puffy, overdone look.

Our doctors are some of the country’s most advanced injectors, treating a variety of patients in house at PHI Clinic and informing and educating on international stages for other medical professional.

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Before and after Tear Trough treatment

What about pigmentation around the eyes? - Dermal Filler Tear Trough Treatment london 690x960

What about pigmentation around the eyes?

For under eye bags and dark circles, things get a little tricky. We are always upfront about the fact they are very hard to treat. We will never be able to say on the phone how beneficial or effective dark circle treatment is, as it depends on the skin type and the severity of the indication, and we cannot guarantee treatment will completely remove them, nor would we ever promise this. It is important to see every patient for a consultation before we can deduce most appropriate treatment.

Latest Clinical Methods - Multi award winning clinic aesthetics awards london

Latest Clinical Methods

Our doctors are highly experienced in tear trough treatments, having carried out a lot of tear trough corrective procedures over the years. PHI Clinic’s endeavour to provide the best cosmetic care is driven forward by our doctor training days which serve as the right stage for our team to gather and increase their knowledge and proficiency with the latest clinical methods, procedures and practices.

Technical Information - Tapan Patel 690x960

Technical Information

PHI Clinic uses the Juvéderm Vycross dermal filler range exclusively, as they are sleek, hyaluronic acid-based facial fillers that have different consistencies to treat different areas. The more robust volumisers are used in areas such as the cheek, whereas the smoother fillers are used to enhance the lips and under eyes. They can contain lidocaine, an anaesthetic which aims to improve the comfort of the patient during treatment.

If you would like more information about our treatments, or to schedule a consultation with one of our clinicians or aesthetic doctors, please call us directly on 0207 034 5999.

Frequently Asked Questions

An experienced practitioner will be able to deduce what is causing the appearance of the hollows can discuss with you the options available at your consultation

The products we use have a longevity of between 12 and 24 months.

Your GP is correct to be reluctant in treating the undereye, as the potential complications are numerous.
It is possible to have filler placed in the hollows beneath the eyes (tear troughs) in order to rejuvenate the area but I would advocate that this is done using special blunt cannulas and not sharp needles to avoid any damage to the tiny blood vessels in the area.

There are two things here – one is volume loss within the anterior cheek pad, which is common at this age. This causes a depression just below the eye, forming the tear trough and resulting in the formation of shadows below the eyes so reflective make-up can sometimes, but not always be useful.
The second problem is thinning of the skin, which can lead to puffiness as a result of water retention. These two problems need to be addressed individually.
The tear trough can be treated with cheek volumisation, restoring the anterior cheek pad and the loose skin can be addressed with energy based skin tightening or skin peels.

The price for Tear Trough treatments start from: £750

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Tear Trough

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