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Skin tightening

PHI Clinic specialises in non-surgical skin tightening for excess skin for the face and body, offering the latest and best treatments in London including Endolift, Secret RF and Ultraformer (ultrasound skin tightening).


  • Minimally invasive
  • Doctor led
  • Little to no downtime

How to tighten skin?

Saggy skin or crepey skin is no longer something that requires a surgical solution. The latest non-surgical skin tightening treatments provide an alternative route that is safe, quick, minimally invasive and extremely effective. Loose, crinkly areas on both the face and body can be tightened and firmed without going under the knife, restoring a taut, youthful look and feel to the skin.


There is no miracle cream on the department store counter to reverse skin sagging. Traditionally, the only solution was to undergo cosmetic surgery, with all the associated risks, scarring and downtime. Fortunately, the latest advances in aesthetics now offer a scalpel-free alternative for tightening lax skin on both the face and body.


PHI Clinic is proud to provide the very best of these treatments, delivered by our award-winning team of tightening specialists.

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What causes sagging skin?

Skin sagging is a natural part of the ageing process, often accelerated by UV damage. A lax, crinkled appearance is caused by a loss of collagen (the key structural protein needed for firm, flexible skin) and loss in skin elasticity. As collagen levels decline with age, skin loses its structure and begins to thin and sag. The entire face shifts downwards, Jowls start to form, and the skin on the body develops a loose, crinkly appearance too. Sun exposure, pollution and a poor diet all add further damage to collagen and hasten this process.


Fortunately, there are non-surgical treatments available that can help create a tighter appearance and rejuvenate the skin, effectively combating the effects of saggy skin caused by collagen depletion and external factors.

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Skin tightening with Endolift

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Endolift is a revolutionary laser skin tightening treatment that offers a remarkable alternative to cosmetic surgery. Suitable for saggy skin on both the face and body, this doctor-led procedure is safe and minimally invasive with little downtime.


Endolift delivers what has been dubbed a ‘laser facelift’, thanks to its outstanding results on sagging jowls, neck and lower eyelids. It has excellent benefits for lax stomach skin too, and is particularly popular for tightening a saggy ‘mum tum’. Endolift also offers impressive improvements to saggy skin on areas such as the thighs, buttocks, knees and upper arms.


International Endolift Trainer Dr Priya Verma

Endolift is a quick, safe and minimally invasive procedure, which usually only requires a single session. After local anaesthetic has been applied, a tiny laser wire is inserted deep into the skin. Laser energy is then used to heat the tissue, which stimulates collagen production to create dramatically tighter, smoother skin. Fat cells are also targeted and destroyed. Results are seen immediately and continue to improve over time as the skin’s structures continue to rejuvenate.


PHI Clinic is proud to offer Endolift treatments with Dr Priya Verma, the UK’s most experienced Endolift practitioner. Endolift is also performed by our award-winning medical director Dr Tapan Patel, who has trained alongside Dr Verma.

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Secret RF

Secret RF treatments is an innovative radiofrequency skin tightening micro-needling treatment, that remodels skin from within. It delivers precise, controlled energy at multiple levels of the skin to address sun damage, sagging and stretch marks with little to no downtime. Unlike traditional radio-frequency treatments that focus on the upper dermal layers, Secret RF allows us to go far deeper into the skin for better tightening results. The technology is also highly adaptable, which enables us to customise each treatment for optimum results.


Secret RF uses tiny needles to deliver radio-frequency energy to the exact skin depth that will best address each patient’s concerns. The radio-frequency energy stimulates collagen production, which regenerates the skin’s inner structure.

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How long does the treatment take?

It is a quick, safe and there are benefits of skin tightening treatment, performed by our highly-skilled specialists. Numbing cream is used for maximum comfort throughout the 30 minute treatment. There is some redness afterwards, but this usually subsides within 2-3 days, and normal activities can be resumed immediately. Most patients need 3-4 treatments for best results, but the effects are usually seen after two.


Ultraformer utilises high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), a non-invasive technology for lifting loose skin on the face and body. Ultrasound treatments are used on the face and neck, patients can expect to see firmer facial contours and a reduction of lines and wrinkles, all without the downtime associated with facelifts. It is also a safe and effective treatment to tighten sagging and crinkly areas of the body including the stomach, décolletage and knees.


The Ultraformer device delivers controlled and focused ultrasound energy to the dermis without damaging the skin’s surface. This energy stimulates the production of collagen within the deep dermal levels, triggering the tightening process. Results can be seen immediately and continue to improve for some time afterwards, due to the ongoing process of collagen regeneration.

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Skin tightening facial

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of our advanced skin tightening facial, a tailored solution designed to address a range of skin concerns. Before beginning the procedure, our skilled practitioners conduct a thorough assessment, taking into consideration factors such as weight loss history, medical background, and specific skin types. This ensures a personalised approach to achieve optimal results.


Utilising cutting-edge technology, our skin tightening facial incorporates ultrasound skin tightening through a handheld device. This non-invasive treatment penetrates deep layers of the skin, promoting elastin production and enhancing skin structure. The use of ultrasound waves stimulates collagen fibers, resulting in tighter, firmer skin with minimal downtime. For those seeking a more comprehensive approach, our facial may include radiofrequency treatments and laser resurfacing to target deeper layers of the skin. These modalities work synergistically to address a variety of skin concerns, from excess skin and moderate skin laxity to the appearance of deep wrinkles. The procedure offers a range of treatment options, including injectable treatments such as dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid, tailored to plump and revitalise the skin.


Candidates for skin tightening benefit from our expertise in navigating diverse skin tones, ensuring the procedure is suitable for individuals with darker skin as well. The facial aims to achieve not only tighter skin but also an improvement in skin tone, leaving you with a radiant and youthful complexion. Unlike surgical procedures like tummy tucks, our skin tightening facial is a non-invasive alternative that delivers impressive results without the need for extended downtime. Whether you are concerned about skin laxity, the appearance of wrinkles, or the overall firmness of your skin, our comprehensive approach addresses a wide range of skin issues.


To enhance the benefits of the treatment, we may incorporate RF microneedling, harnessing the power of heat energy to stimulate collagen production in deeper layers of the skin. The microneedling process offers additional benefits, such as improving the appearance of scars and fine lines. Throughout the facial, our practitioners are mindful of pain thresholds, ensuring a comfortable experience. The use of radiofrequency devices further enhances the effectiveness of the treatment, contributing to the plumping and firming of the skin.

What happens after a skin tightening treatment?

Our expert aestheticians can adjust both the depth and intensity of the HIFU energy, allowing treatment at both superficial and deeper levels for optimum tightening results. Topical anaesthetic and/or oral painkillers can be used for maximum patient comfort.

Skin may be slightly pink initially but this is easily covered with make-up and should subside within two days. The number of sessions required varies from individual to individual, and will be discussed during your initial consultation.

Safe and effective treatment

Your safety is our top priority and making our patients feel welcomed and reassured when entering PHI Clinic. To ensure maximum standard of patient care, all of our treatments are only ever carried out by our experienced and highly qualified team, who receive regular in-house and external training from industry experts. 

At PHI Clinic we do not offer same day treatment as initial consultation to ensure patients have time to reflect on their bespoke treatment plan before choosing to proceed. 

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