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Acne treatment

Acne is a skin condition, commonly affecting the face, back and chest. Causing spots, oily skin and sometimes skin that’s hot or painful to touch. At PHI London we have the first FDA approved treatment to target mild acne, moderate acne and severe acne.


  • FDA Approved
  • Cure for Acne
  • 1st Clinic in Europe to offer AviClear

How to get rid of acne?

The appearance of acne can have a huge impact, but the effects of acne go beyond your skin, often affecting self-esteem and self-confidence. Managing acne and acne formation can be tough, with many turning to acne treatment to tackle the condition in the form of topical treatments or laser resurfacing to treat post acne scarring.


When visiting your GP, you may receive prescription acne treatments with acne medication consisting of topical retinoids, topical treatments, azelaid acid, oral antibiotics, or if you are a woman, the combined oral contraceptive pill. And in some cases, often if prescription medications aren’t working, your GP may refer you to an acne clinic or dermatologist.


Here at our award-winning London clinic, our skin specialists create tailored treatment plans using either AviClear, Obagi or other types of skincare.

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Treatment of acne

- Antibacterial soaps 
- Retinoid cream - Retinoic acid 
- Azelaic acid cream 
- Hydroxy acids 
- Salicylic acid 
- Benzoyl Peroxide 
- Laser treatment


However there are clinical studies on the potential side effects of some treatments for acne. Reports of people experiencing common side effects such as; dry skin, minor skin irritation and stinging sensation. If this occurs and causes concern after weeks of treatment, please speak with your GP for a counter product. 

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Management of acne

With a consistent skin care routine whether that's with simple soap and water, or with suggested treatments below, the turnover of skin cells thereby unclogging of pores. Avoid picking or popping spots there being risk of scarring. 


At our clinic, we only treat adult acne. So we know the condition and available treatments very well. When looking at how to get rid of adult acne, there isn’t always one single solution. But either AviClear, Obagi or skincare could be the right acne treatment for you. We understand that with a whole host of acne treatments out there, it can be overwhelming. But during your consultation, our London skin specialists will find the perfect fit for you.

Our acne treatments

AviClear - the acne treatment that lasts

As the first and only UK clinic to use AviClear, we use this FDA-cleared energy device to treat mild, moderate and severe acne. This multi award-winning device treats acne at the source, clearing skin by targeting and suppressing sebaceous glands. Our skin specialists are highly trained to treat acne with AviClear, creating never-seen-before results

Treatment can target symptoms of acne below the surface of the skin that treatments like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can't quite target. 


Obagi acne treatment

With a skincare line created for acne, Obagi is a highly effective treatment. A-List-celebrity-approved, Obagi has been providing effective skincare for over 35 years.

Our skin specialists use the Obagi Nu-Derm System a prescription-strength skincare system, to transform the skin. This advanced technology works wonders for the skin as it transforms the skin at a cellular level. After the treatment, your skin is able to better hold moisture in and your skin is left looking refreshed. You’ll leave our clinic glowing, both inside and out.


Skincare for acne

When it comes to skincare for acne, our specialists are some of the best around. With extensive skincare ranges, we’ll create the perfect skincare plan for you.

It’s so important to get your skincare right. So our skincare specialists will recommend the best products and treatments, tailored to your skin’s unique needs, during your consultation.

What is the best acne treatment for me?

With many different variations of acne, acne treatments should be made to fit. If prescription medications from your GP aren’t for you, you may choose to visit our London clinic. During your consultation, our skin specialists will find the best acne treatment for you. We’ll then book you in for your acne treatment to begin your skin transformation.

Safe and effective treatment

Your safety is our priority at PHI Clinic. To ensure maximum standards of patient care, acne treatments are only ever carried out by our experienced, highly qualified staff. 


All our patients have a thorough consultation before having acne treatment, and treatment is always carried out on a separate day. We believe it is essential for patients to be able to think before deciding whether to go ahead with their bespoke treatment plan

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