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Obagi® offers highly regarded, unique, effective and powerful treatments for anti-ageing and skin health. Treatments from the Obagi Skin Care line offers a wide range of benefits, including anti-ageing and skin-rejuvenating actions.

Obagi Skin Care offers products for acne, wrinkles, age spots and much more. Long-term exposure to the sun is something that affects our skin over the years, along with a number of environmental stresses. We have Photo-damage to thank for our age spots, fine lines and wrinkles; these signs of ageing are often caused by the sun’s most harmful rays.

The Nu-Derm System that we offer at PHI Clinic is a prescription-strength skincare system and a doctor-dispensed anti-ageing therapy. It works by penetrating below the skin’s surface and actually transforms the skin at a cellular level, improving your skin’s ability to hold moisture and its tolerance to outside influences.

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Before and after Obagi® treatment

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Technical Information

This addresses the signs of photodamage on your skin and the way your skin cells are functioning to correct the damage within. The Obagi Nu-Derm System is clinically proven to result in refreshed, younger and much healthier-looking skin by minimising the appearance of different skin conditions.

Hundreds of happy Obagi customers can and have vouched for the wonders of this product in improving a range of different skin problems that had previously caused emotional and psychological issues, greatly impacting self-confidence. If you feel Obagi would be the right product for you, book a no-obligation consultation with one of highly experienced practitioners at PHI Clinic.

Conditions treated with Obagi®

Frequently Asked Questions

Nu-Derm could be the perfect treatment for you if you suffer with lines and wrinkles, age spots, redness of the skin (Erythema), a yellowish complexion (Sallowness), a loss of elasticity in the skin or hyperpigmentation.

The best way to find out if you are a suitable candidate for Nu-Derm treatment is to book an initial, no-obligation consultation with one of our specialist practitioners at PHI Clinic.

The price for Obagi® treatments start from: £85

Speak to our team today to book your consultation.

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