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10 Years Younger In 10 Days With Dr Tapan Patel

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Cherry Healey is the new host of the 2020 version of the 10 Years Younger makeover show, back on our screens after over a decade. She enlists the help of leading experts to use clever tricks and cutting-edge treatments to turn back the clock. The volunteers undergo 10 days’ of non-invasive cosmetic procedures, along with hair, make-up, and fashion advice, as they dramatically strip back the years.

You can watch 10 Years Younger in 10 days with Dr Tapan on Channel 5 on-demand as it follows the stories of people who have forgotten what it is like to feel good about themselves and their appearance, that is until they are given a life-changing and inspiring transformation.

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Dr Tapan: Cosmetic Expert On Ten Years Younger

Dr Tapan Patel is the medical director and visionary behind PHI Clinic and was the obvious choice to be the cosmetic expert on 10 Years Younger as he is regarded as one of the most talented and skilful injectors in the UK.

By offering the most advanced treatments at PHI Clinic, Dr Tapan is able to treat a broader spectrum of concerns than ever before. Dr Tapan has sought techniques & technologies from across the world that are safe, effective, and target different aspects of the same condition. That means for any one condition, he can offer his patients multiple solutions depending on their preference, desired result, and medical history.

Not only does he administer treatment with precision and method, he also achieves exquisite, natural-looking results. His passion is tangible and his calming bedside manner helps patients feel relaxed and informed throughout every step of their journey. For the volunteers on 10 Years Younger, Dr Tapan aims to restore their former radiance and avoids his patients looking fake or overdone. Enhancing the natural beauty that has been lost often through a lack of self-confidence, Dr Tapan “performed miracles” for the participants, turning back the years not just on their faces but their self-esteem too, reintroducing energy and vigour.

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10 Years Younger Gayle’s Transformation

Gayle is a Northumberland farmer and a mum-of-three who appeared on the first episode of the 10 Years Younger in 10 Days and was unrecognisable to her daughters after her dramatic makeover. Gayle, whose actual age was 54, was guessed to be an average age of 64 by the British public at the outset of the show.

When Dr Tapan met Gayle for the first time he was struck by how beautiful her eyes were. He set out to determine that the rest of her face balanced out the beauty and brightness of her startling blue eyes. When Gayle first walked into PHI she had teeth missing (later corrected beautifully by Dr Uchenna Okoye), and her face had lost volume. Dr Tapan remarked that because of this and her outdoor lifestyle, Gayle was forming more lines and wrinkles than would be expected of a woman of her age. Dr Tapan used a combination of injectable treatments to soften her expressions and at the same time add volume to her temples, cheeks, chin and lips. Following her treatment, Gayle was ecstatic and commented

“Dr Tapan basically restructured my face – he took a face I didn’t recognise, that had aged very quickly and with the use of fillers and Botox he took it back for me to a face I did recognise.”

Gayle’s results are stunning and dramatic but very natural, enhancing her own beauty rather than looking like someone else. Following her transformation, the public put her new average age at 49. You can watch her PHI journey here.

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10 Years Younger Amanda’s Transformation

Amanda was featured in the second episode of 10 Years Younger in 10 Days. A former police officer, Amanda had suffered a violent attack whilst on duty and following a subsequent breakdown had all but given up on her appearance. Although aged only 41, the UK public put Amanda’s average age at 46. When Dr Tapan first met Amanda, he immediately noticed the beautiful shape to her face. Amanda told Dr Tapan that she felt her face looked tired and Dr Tapan confirmed that the dark circles under her eyes and the dimpling under her chin were in need of some corrective soft tissue fillers, also noticing other smaller areas that would benefit from slight beautification with small amounts of dermal filler.

Following injections to soften the lines around her forehead and eyes, under-eye fillers, and chin contouring, she looked refreshed and beautifully natural, as though she had had nothing done. Amanda commented following her follow up visit to PHI Clinic that, “I’ve gone from being a very sad introverted person to a person who is happy and confident and wants to be out and about and enjoying myself. Generally, I feel I am happier within myself. I feel I’ve got back on track to the person I used to be; I now want to look after my face”.

Amanda’s friends and family have all noticed the difference in her demeanour and remark on her newfound confidence. Her final poll put her new average age at 35, 11 years younger than the initial average. View Amanda’s journey here.

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PHI Clinic is extremely proud to be a part of such transformational journeys and wishes all of the participants well. We hope they enjoy their newfound confidence and zest for life.

To see Amanda and Gayle’s transformations for yourself you can visit our YouTube channel, and to see the episodes in full, head to Channel 5. For more information about us, you can call 02070345999, fill in our contact form, and follow us on social media.

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