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10 Years Younger Transformations at PHI Clinic

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With images of impossibly perfect people bombarding us every day, it is much easier for us to focus our attention on our flaws rather than our assets. However, with just a few aesthetic beauty treatments and tweaks, we can completely transform how we look, and how we feel about ourselves, all without having to go under the knife or opt for dramatic irreversible surgeries.

This is the premise of the Channel 5 programme 10 Years Younger in Ten Days, featuring our very own medical director Dr Tapan Patel. Dr Tapan was delighted to participate in the 10 Years Younger transformations and his remarkable input was a revelation for the participants, all of whom felt and looked younger and were energised with fresh confidence and a renewed zest for life.

Dr Tapan commented during the first episode that there are two reasons that people go to PHI for treatments; the first is to slow down the ageing process, generally, they are happy with the way they look and they want to stay like that for a little bit longer. The other reason people seek aesthetic procedures according to Dr Tapan is to have a particular feature of their face corrected that they are particularly unhappy with and it is affecting their confidence. The latter was the case for Sarah, featured in the first episode of 10 Years Younger.

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10 Years Younger Transformations: Sarah’s Story

Sarah, a 44-year-old dog walker and mother of one, was featured in the first episode. Sarah had lost all confidence in herself and her appearance following cruel teenage taunts and bullying over a bump on her nose. The adolescent provocation sadly resulted in her hiding behind baggy, ill-fitting clothes and an impressive collection of hats. Sarah had stopped going out because she didn’t like herself and felt the exterior did not match up or represent how she felt on the inside. The general public was invited to look at Sarah and guess her age, and the resulting poll age came out at 50 years old, 6 years older than her actual age of 44.

When Sarah began her journey with Dr Tapan she was reluctant to view her face in the mirror. Dr Tapan is a strong advocate of no-fuss, surgery-free procedures to enhance the natural beauty; he commented that Sarah had a naturally attractive face and a good complexion and these features should be enhanced, rather than surgically altered. He went on to remark that with just a few tweaks she would begin to see herself in a completely different light. Sarah’s main concern was the bump on her nose as she felt it looked unsightly. Dr Tapan reassured her that using dermal fillers, the bump would be unrecognisable following treatment, as aesthetic doctors can cleverly use soft tissue fillers to augment and enhance a particular facial feature such as the nose or lips.

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Dr Tapan also noticed that Sarah is a naturally expressive person and that, over time, this had resulted in her developing some expression lines which he was able to soften using Botox. Prior to her non-surgical rhinoplasty and muscle relaxing injections, Sarah had a High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment with one of PHI Clinic’s highly skilled nurse practitioners; also known as a non-surgical facelift, the procedure tightens skin and improves texture and tone.

Following Sarah’s non-surgical nose correction she was overwhelmed by the result and commented,
“It is me, but it’s a better me! I am starting to feel beautiful… confident, get my self-respect back…I am going to let go and not hold on to the past and look forward to the future.”

She now feels her confidence has been restored and she feels a lot more positive about herself. The poll following her 10 Years Younger transformation put her age at 39, which is 11 years off the original survey.

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10 Years Younger Transformations: Julie’s Journey

Julie, a busy working mum, felt that at 51 she was on a downward slope. She claimed she had stopped making an effort because she sees herself as too much of a challenge. During Julie’s poll, the public put her age at 60.

When she met Dr Tapan at PHI Clinic, his methods of surgery-free treatment to freshen up rather than change your face really appealed to her as she wanted to avoid looking fake or worked on. Doctor Tapan noted that,
“Patients want the kind of treatments that will keep you looking like you, but a refreshed better version of you”.

During Julie’s consultation, he noted that as a natural result of ageing her chin had started to shrink back. This feature had accentuated her jowls around her chin and jawline, and she particularly hated her marionette lines either side of her mouth. This is not uncommon; as we age, the collagen and elastin which previously supported features begin to break down and the bone and skin become thin, resulting in jowling.



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10 Years Younger result

Fortunately, by using dermal fillers to support the chin, aesthetic practitioners can achieve a more chiselled chin and jawline, reducing the appearance of unsightly marionette lines and creating a smoother, sleek profile.

Dr Tapan used dermal fillers and Botox to achieve the final result for Julie, and following her treatment, she was delighted.
“I didn’t want people to look at me and think ‘What has Julie done to her face?’ But I think I look just healthier, fresher and younger”.

Julie’s transformation was simply stunning. Both she and her family felt she had been injected with Hollywood glamour, which is more reflective of her gregarious personality and inner spirit. Julie’s new poll age came out at 45, 15 years off the original poll.

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Dr Tapan

Dr Tapan personally treated the participants for their 10 Years Younger transformations using a combination of the muscle relaxing prescription-only Botox, which usually lasts for about 3-4 months. He also used hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers to enhance features and restore the natural beauty of Sarah and Julie. Dermal fillers can remain effective for anywhere between 18-24 months.

In doing so, their confidence was also restored as the treatments do not just have a physical improvement but also have a positive impact on overall body image, boosting self-esteem.

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10 Years Younger treatment

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