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What To Do If You Can’t Get An Appointment

consultation with dr tapan patel

It can be difficult to get an appointment with our medical director, and while we understand that it can be frustrating when he doesn’t have the space to see clients, it is important that current patients are afforded the opportunity to return to the same doctor. This can mean, unfortunately, that booking a consultation with Dr Tapan is difficult, but not impossible.

There are other options though: each of the doctors who work here at PHI Clinic have been hand-picked by Dr Tapan himself, and participate in training with him on a regular basis to keep general clinic practice consistent with his high standards.

Who should I see if I’m interested in: - skin rejuvenation treatment london 690x960

Who should I see if I’m interested in:

Skin Hydration/Rejuvenation?
Our nurses, Sarah Gaughan & Samantha Knuckey, are highly trained in reduction options for a variety of skin concerns, as are our other nurses and aesthetic therapists, but if you would prefer to see a doctor, Dr Ward and Dr Demosthenous have interests in dermatology and non-surgical facial rejuvenation, respectively.

Laser Resurfacing?
Dr Ward is particularly interested in performing laser based treatments. For acne and burn scars, Dr Ward has been working closely with Dr Tapan Patel since the clinic opened to develop techniques that keep downtime to a minimum. Most of our clinicians can perform laser resurfacing.

All of our doctors and nurses are highly trained in delivering wrinkle injections, as well as other injectable treatments.

 - Appointment With Dr Tapan Patel wrinkle injections

Non Surgical Lip/Nose/Chin Augmentation?
Any of our other doctors can perform dermal filler treatments, and regularly train with Doctor Tapan Patel to hone and enhance skills and knowledge. Our most recent training day covered a variety of injection techniques and how to get the most out of patient assessment. Volite treatments, an injectable moisturiser, are also performed by our Nurses, Sarah Gaughan & Samantha Knuckey.

Sweat Reduction And Redness Treatments?
All of our aestheticians and nurses are trained in using miraDry for sweat reduction, as well as multiple redness and rosacea treatment options.

Seeing A Female Doctor?
We understand that some of our patients may wish to see a female clinician, and for these patients we have our skilled injectable nurses.

Who can I see instead of Dr Tapan Patel? - PHI team london 690x960

Who can I see instead of Dr Tapan Patel?

Mr Apul Parikh
With 12 years experience, and being a member of the Cellfina European Advisory Board, Mr Parikh is our mole removal specialist, as well as having interests in fat reduction.

When can I see Mr Parikh?
Mr Apul is with us most days.


Dr Nestor Demosthenous
Dr Nestor Demosthenous has a particular interest in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, and is highly skilled in injectable treatments, regularly training with Dr Tapan Patel and the other clinic doctors.

When can I see Dr Demosthenous?
Once a month he joins us at PHI Clinic.


Mr John Blythe
Mr John Blythe is an oral maxillofacial surgeon, who provides some outpatient surgical procedures like blepharoplasty and lip lift at PHI Clinic, along with injectables.

When can I see Mr Blythe?
Mr Blythe joins us once a week at PHI Clinic.

 - sarah sam 690x960

Nurses Sarah and Sam
Our injectable nurses are highly trained, both certified and having completed internal training working directly with Dr Tapan to hone their skills.

When can I see a nurse?
Every day.

Nurses, Aestheticians, And Therapists

We have so many brilliant clinicians at PHI, and on any given day there will be multiple nurses and aesthetic therapists here for consultations and treatments.

To book an appointment, or to discuss which clinician is right for you, you can contact us on 0207 034 5999 and one of our friendly team will help you.

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