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Aquagold Treatment London

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Introducing Aquagold Facial Treatment

PHI Clinic is very proud to present the unique and revolutionary Aquagold Fine touch treatment. Aquagold is a 24 carat gold facial device that will deliver a personalised blend of skincare into the epidermis with outstanding results.

The Aquagold device has a patented 24 carat gold screw head with 1000 intra-dermal microinjector needles, which can infuse a bespoke cocktails of biologicals into the dermis where it will be most effective.

Each of the needles is finer than a human hair, therefore the overall treatment is painless and ensures patient comfort even when treating the more sensitive areas.

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Aquagold Facial Treatment Customised For You

Aquagold facial treatment evenly distributes customised solutions into the dermis at the optimum depth of 600 microns based on a thorough analysis of the patients skin type, areas of concern and the patients goals and expectations.

The expertly trained therapists at PHI Clinic will analyse your skin during a consultation process and decide what ingredients to include for your personalised treatment.

Aquagold facial treatment can effectively deliver Botox, hyaluronic gels, vitamins, stem cells and nano-peptide active ingredients. A really popular option is Aquagold and Botox which can be used to treat fine lines and wrinkles in the periorbital region. The delicate eye area can be treated evenly and effectively with greater coverage than the traditional syringe method.


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Aquagold facial Treatment & you

Aquagold is pain free and ensures patient comfort even when treating the more sensitive areas. There are no risks, and no downtime associated with other treatments. Some patients will have a mild redness following the treatment which will settle after a little while.

Following the treatment your skin will look rejuvenated as Aquagold regenerates at a deeper level. Your skin health will be improved as well as skin quality and structure, leaving you looking radient and glowing.

An aquagold facial is ideal for the eye area as it is gentle and can get closer to the eye than any other delivery system, it is also perfect for the forehead, neck, back of the hands and the décolleté areas for restoring a youthful radiance.

The finetouch system can be used for a variety of outcomes including treating melasama (pigmentation), acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and excess sebum. It brightens, ligthens, clarifies and refines leaving skin hydrated and revitalised.

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Aquagold Treatment At PHI Clinic London

The multi-award winning PHI Clinic has been leading the field of aesthetics, delivering new and innovative treatments to their patients and maintaining the highest standards of training to continually update best practice.

PHI’s medical director, the internationally acclaimed Doctor Tapan is delighted to add Aquagold to the clinics extensive range of treatments as it meets the high quality results that PHI Clinic has become renowned for.

For a Aquagold consultation at the luxury 5 star Harley street clinic, please call on +44 (0)2070 345999, and we will be delighted to assist you.

To meet the team and learn more about PHI Clinic and our excellent services visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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