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Baby Botox

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Baby Botox has burst onto the scenes, with more and more celebs and socialites hitting up their LA doctors for the wrinkle relaxing injection. The idea behind treating in this way is to introduce minuscule amounts of the toxin to provide a natural-looking result. So we want to find out more to see whether this trend is doomed to flop and flux, or to endure the test of time.

What is Baby Botox?

Baby Botox is a term that is used when very small amounts of Botox® are used to improve winkles only very mildly. While the trend is not necessarily aimed at those who are first-timers scared of the injections, it seems to be the case that most people opting for Baby Botox are beginners.

What is important to remember is that everyone is different and everyone requires different amounts of Botox®. At PHI we tailor the amount you require based on your wishes and your facial muscles to achieve a natural look.


Less bang for your buck?

So if people opt for baby Bo’ then, does it mean they get less bang for their buck? “Although botox costs vary some practices charge based on the units of Botox® used, at PHI Clinic we pride ourselves on offering patients a unique, tailor-made treatment, based on their indications and desires. We take into consideration first-time nerves, and people wishing to avoid the frozen look, as well as respecting that each patient is different.”

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It’s not to say, then, that we do not carry out Baby Botox, but we tailor each treatment to suit the requirements of the individual. If you desire a less is more approach; that is what we will deliver. If you prefer to have more treatment and that is what is required for the desired result; our expert doctors will be able to tailor the treatment to suit.


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In order to discuss your options for treatment, and also see what is suitable for you and your concerns, you will require a consultation first and foremost. All injectable consultations are carried out by our doctors, as is the treatment itself.

For more information about treatments at PHI Clinic, or to schedule a consultation, please contact the clinic on 0207 034 5999.

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