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Best Jowl Lift Without Surgery

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Jowls are a big indicator of age, on both men and women, and can be a huge source of self-consciousness. This sagging skin has a variety of factors that affect it, and can lie on the jaw or below it, appearing differently from person to person. Some may opt for a surgical face and jowl lift, but we prefer scalpel-free methods at PHI Clinic.

The main causes of jowls are loss of facial volume and migration of fat pads in the face through natural maturation processes, but there are certain behaviours that can worsen or speed up this process.

Chemicals And Toxins - PHI_032 690x960

Chemicals And Toxins


Chemicals and toxins in tobacco cause the destruction of collagen, a vital protein that gives skin strength, as well as nicotine affecting blood vessels to reduce the amount of vital nutrients that can reach the surface of skin. This means that damage done to skin is not repaired as effectively as it could be, and it starts to become lax and sag.

Sun Exposure

Everyone is aware of the dangers of sunburn and staying in the sun too long, but it seems that not many people realise just how harmful it is to be in the sun unprotected, even for short periods of time. UV exposure causes lasting damage to your skin, actively damaging collagen and its production in the long term, which leads to the sagging of skin on the cheeks, creating jowls. Find advice here.


Alcohol is known to dehydrate you, but those effects reach your skin as well, and can reduce the ability to the body to deliver nutrients to the places that need it, like the dermis, hampering your body’s ability to heal skin damage.

Hereditary And Dieting

No-Knife Jowl Lift

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