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Can Botox® Fix All Wrinkles?

Botox Fix Wrinkles

Botox® injections are known almost universally, its effects covered routinely in every tabloid and magazine present on the shelves, but it is often misunderstood, or confused with other treatments, like dermal fillers. Botox® is a brand name for Botulinum Toxin Type A, a neurotoxin, that when used by skilled practitioners can temporarily paralyse muscles to smooth the overlying skin, and is employed to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. We exclusively use branded Botox, manufactured by Allergan, for its clinical efficacy.

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Botox® for static and dynamic wrinkles

When trying to understand the effects that Botox® can have on wrinkles, it is important to know what types of wrinkles exist and how they present.

Dynamic lines are those that appear when the face moves; lines of expression that are not obvious when the face is at rest. These are most prevalent in younger patients, and can appear anywhere on the face, with examples being frown lines, laughter lines (crow’s feet), and forehead lines.

Static lines start off as dynamic lines, but as collagen and elastin production slows in the skin they become ‘etched’ in, being present even when the face is at rest. We see static lines mostly in older patients or younger clients that smoke.

Botox® can treat static lines, as when the muscle is paralysed, the skin lies flat above it, smoothing out the wrinkle. Dynamic wrinkles aren’t treatable using Botox® injections alone, and may benefit from the application of a dermal filler product to fill in and smooth the line.

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Wrinkles, injections, and consultation

In your wrinkle injection consultation, your doctor will assess your face and areas of concern to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan, with your input. This will include any costing, as well as follow up consultations, and this is provides you with a chance to make clear your expectations for results. It is important that you disclose all medical history and relevant information to your clinician to ensure they can choose the best course of treatment for you as an individual.

At PHI Clinic, we would always rather under treat at first, so as not to leave any patient with an unwanted unnatural or frozen look. These initial results can always be topped up in a follow up appointment for the effects you desire. For more information about Botox®, you can contact us directly at the clinic or via our social media profiles

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