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Botox Injections Around The Mouth

botox mouth injections

The mouth, as one of the key features of the face, can be the first thing people look at, and as such is a feature that people can worry or obsess about. The concerns we most commonly see in patients here at the clinic are gummy smile, cobbled chin, and drooping mouth corners, which can all be improved using Botox mouth injections.

Concerns in the lower face - face fillers injections london

Concerns in the lower face

Gummy smile

Also referred to as gingival display, a gummy smile can really impact the confidence of the sufferer, leading them to smile less or be conscious of it. This happens when the top lip raises too much on smile or animation, showing gums above the teeth. Botox can be used to address this, reducing how far the lip raises.

Cobbled chin

The appearance of a cobbled chin can be a big concern for some people, when the face seems pebbled during expression, and is caused by the mentalis muscle below the mouth affecting the way overlying skin acts.

Downturned mouth corners

When someone suffers from drooping mouth corners, it can create a constant sad or angry appearance that doesn’t go away.

Botox mouth injections - lips filler treatment london multi award winning clinic

Botox mouth injections

Botox®, one brand name for Botulinum Toxin type A, is a wrinkle relaxing product. This might not seem like the appropriate course of action for the above concerns, but the way the product affects muscles can positively affect these problems.

Gummy Smile – By introducing a small amount of product into the gums via needle, a skilled practitioner can reduce the appearance of a gummy smile by affecting the way the lip moves during expression. By limiting the lift of the lip during a smile, there is less gingival tissue on display.

Cobbled Chin – As this generally occurs during expression, it is the perfect candidate for wrinkle relaxing injections. With light application of Botox®, the muscle is temporarily affected, leaving the skin above smooth and ‘pebble’ free.

Drooping Mouth Corners – Botox mouth injections can greatly reduce a downturned mouth, and can be used in conjunction with dermal fillers for a course of complete lip enhancement treatments to rejuvenate the mouth.

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Botox injections

Here at PHI Clinic, we see Botox mouth injections as an ongoing treatment due to the nature of the product, that has an average longevity of 3-4 months.

For a comprehensive treatment plan, or to discuss your concerns with a doctor, you can book a consultation with one of our highly skilled practitioners by contacting us here or phoning the clinic on 0207 034 5999.

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