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Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile

Introduction To Gummy Smile Treatment

Around 15% of people suffer from a gummy smile; in a perfect smile, the lip should sit just above the top of the teeth, but some people have problems with a disproportionate gum tissue to teeth ratio, leaving them self-conscious about their smile.

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Before and after Gummy Smile treatment

Factors to consider - Sarah Botox Injections PHI 690x960

Factors to consider

A gummy smile can be caused by various things; from problems with the teeth and lips, to the gum tissue itself.
Abnormal eruption of adult teeth as they move down can leave them looking shorter than they are, which disrupts the teeth to gum ratio (normal crown length for an adult tooth is around 10 millimeters), even though the tooth is the right size or shape.

Your upper lip plays a big part in the appearance of your smile; the average lip moves 6-8 millimeters when smiling, so when hyper-mobility occurs, the lip may rise too much, revealing more gum tissue. A short upper lip can also have this revealing effect that results in a smile overtaken by gum tissue.

The maxilla (the section of upper jaw that holds teeth) can sometimes be genetically predisposed to grow in a way that protrudes, creating the effect of a gummy smile. The natural size and shape of teeth and the surrounding gum tissue are hereditary.

As our teeth wear out through use, they become shorter; our body responds by moving teeth downwards (upper jaw) and upwards (lower jaw) in a process called compensatory eruption. Gums follow this movement, increasing the perceived ratio of gum to tooth, creating a gummy smile.

Who Will Be Treating Me? - Cosmetic Injectables Botox Filler London 690x960

Who Will Be Treating Me?

Gummy smile treatment at PHI Clinic is performed by our highly trained doctors and injectable nurses. Every practitioner here at the clinic receives regular training from our medical director, Dr Tapan Patel, who is widely regarded as being one of the best cosmetic injectors in the world.

Dr Tapan’s passion for teaching is shown not only in his training academy, PHI College, where he regularly teaches clinicians from all around the world, but also in the level of in house training he provides for PHI’s Botox practitioners. As he personally mentors our injectable nurses, they receive a level of training on a weekly basis that is equal to or more in depth than that undertaken by most aesthetic doctors.

Treatments available for Gummy Smile

Frequently Asked Questions

Only 1 session is required every 3-4 months, but patients will need to return for repeat treatments in order to maintain the result.

Suitability for treatment will be determined following your mandatory consultation. Please note that we can not treat any patients that are pregnant or breast feeding.

Our highly qualified doctors and nurses at the clinic perform treatment for gummy smiles.

There is no associated downtime with this treatment.

The price for Gummy Smile treatments start from: £250

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Gummy Smile

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