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Saggy Skin

Saggy Skin

Introduction To Saggy Skin

Saggy skin can occur anywhere on the body, and is a source of contention for many people who suffer from it. Skin sags naturally over time due to muscles that support skin weakening as we age. This is known as an intrinsic (or natural) cause, as collagen and elastin production in the skin reduce, as well as this, genetics can play a role, as you may be predisposed to carry fat in certain areas, leading to saggier skin.

At PHI Clinic, we have many ways of treating sagging skin, using both surgical and non-surgical methods to achieve the results you desire. For more information, book a consultation with one of our highly-trained clinicians.

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Before and after Saggy Skin treatment

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Factors To Consider

Extrinsic (or outside) factors that can cause saggy skin, according to doctors, include losing weight rapidly, or losing weight by dieting without exercising.

Repetitive facial expressions, sleeping positions, and sun exposure can also affect the elasticity of your skin, increasing the chances of skin on the face sagging, leading to a older appearance; UV rays break down collagen and elastin, and damage skin cells, also contributing to fine lines and wrinkles.

Smoking not only harms your lungs, but also affects your skin; nicotine reduces blood flow to the top layer of skin, restricting its oxygen supply, and chemicals in the smoke damage collagen and elastin, heightening susceptibility to skin that droops and looks older.

Treatments available for Saggy Skin

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