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Dermal Filler Aftercare

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When we welcome new patients into the clinic for a filler consultation with our injectable clinicians, we always discuss pre-treatment advice and dermal filler aftercare recommendations, in order to be as thorough as possible. We see these consultations as a vital opportunity for you to learn about potential treatment so you can make an informed decision about how you wish to proceed. Here, we have compiled some dermal filler aftercare and precare information that we commonly discuss with patients.

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Before Treatment

We always recommend that patients are at their ideal weight when having dermal fillers, as weight fluctuations can influence the outcomes achieved during treatment. Prior to your appointment, we advise avoiding the use of aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications as these can increase the risk of bruising. We also ask that patients do not drink alcohol for 48 hours before the procedure, and arrive to their dermal filler appointment well hydrated and having eaten.

While we do offer wipes for patients who wear makeup to sessions, we prefer that patients do not wear makeup to dermal filler appointments, as when it is removed with a wipe it can create small microtears in the skin through which bacteria are able to enter.

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Dermal Filler Aftercare

After your dermal filler appointment, you should avoid strenuous exercise for a minimum of 48 hours, as this can in extreme cases cause movement of the product to other areas. We also advise that you do not massage the area injected unless your clinician has specifically instructed you to, and do not touch the injection sites as this may introduce bacteria.

We recommend avoiding makeup for an absolute minimum of 12 hours, though preferably for 24 hours. Swelling is a normal side effect of this treatment, but should subside within a few days of treatment providing you follow the dermal filler aftercare given to you by your practitioner.

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Nadine Baggott at PHI Clinic

For more information about dermal filler treatments and aftercare, or to book a consultation with one of our highly skilled injectable clinicians, you can call us directly on 0207 034 5999. Alternatively, you can email info@phiclinic.com or fill in our contact form and one of our friendly team members will get in touch at your convenience.

You can also find a comprehensive video about dermal filler FAQs on Nadine Baggott’s YouTube with our very own medical director, Dr Tapan Patel.

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