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Dermal Filler Cleft Lip Treatment

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A cleft lip is an oral malformation that occurs early in pregnancy, and results in a physical split between the two sides of the upper lip. The separation can extend beyond the base of the nose to include the upper jaw and gum, and this is called a cleft palate. This is a fairly common congenital problem that around 1 in every 700 children in the UK are born with, and it can usually be easily fixed with surgery. However, the corrective surgical procedure can cause scarring and an irregular appearance, which can sometimes be improved with a dermal filler cleft lip treatment.

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Treatment Options

One of our regular patients comes to us for an improvement in the appearance of a cleft lip that she was born with, and is treated by our medical director, Dr Tapan Patel, along with other members of the PHI Clinic aesthetic team. After several reconstructive surgeries as a child, she was left with scarring on and above her lip and an uneven top lip. She was initially treated with dermal filler, then recommended a course of dermastamping, or microneedling, to improve the scar tissue.

Following the dermastamping, Dr Tapan was able to treat Deb more effectively for an improvement in the appearance of her lip with a dermal filler cleft lip treatment.

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Dermal Filler Cleft Lip Treatment Testimonial

“Dr Tapan has been helping me for about a year now with the asymmetry of my lip. PHI have been looking after me so well, trying to help me with a scar from a cleft lip (not a cleft palate). It has bothered me my whole life, and Dr Tapan has been so amazing to me, helping me make my lip seem more symmetrical. They have done some filler in the past but the scar tissue there is quite rigid because I had a few reconstructions on it when I was younger, and that hasn’t kept it that even, so the dermal filler they use has been getting trapped. Dr Tapan thought it would be a good idea to dermastamp the area to bring the scar tissue down a bit.” – Deb, during her course of dermastamping treatment.

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Clip Lip Treatment at PHI Clinic

You can follow Deb’s journey on our social media, by following us on Instagram and watching our highlights, and on Twitter or Facebook. Contact us today to find out more about dermal filler cleft lip treatment, or to book a no obligation consultation with one of our highly trained clinicians. Please note that we do not perform same day treatments at PHI Clinic, and that the treatments we recommend will vary according to the unique needs of each individual patient.

For physicians, this treatment can be watched on eMASTR in the Lip Masterclass video series.

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