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Freezing Your Frown

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In this article we are going to be addressing freezing frown lines. This can be taken literally in the sense of preventing the muscles from contracting in that area but could also be taken as freezing the years, when a patient feels their appearance does not correlate with their state of mind.

Many patients visiting PHI will discuss with us how they would like the frown line treatment to make them feel, which gives us a clearer idea of the effects we are aiming to achieve with a procedure.

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Look Less Tired by Freezing Frown Lines

A lot of the time a patient may express that they wish to look less tired, or more feminine. A very common concern of our patients is that they may look angry even when they feel fine, and unless you have experienced this exchange firsthand, you will be unaware of just how frustrating it can be when your face is not truly representative of how you feel inside.

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Baby Botox does not freeze your frown

When a patient is appearing to look slightly angry, it might be down to the vertical lines in between the brows, called frown lines, bunny lines, or glabellar lines. If this is a concern you share, there are a few treatment options. The most popular and commonly known is Botox; with subtly placed injections of Botox, we can reduce the appearance of these lines without resulting in the frozen forehead look we see so often in magazines.

At PHI, we like to maintain lines of expression within animation, so we would recommend the administering of baby Botox as a more beneficial treatment in this area.

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Our Work At PHI Clinic

This does not mean we do not come across patients who wish to have a more dramatic look, and we will do our best to satisfy a patient’s requirements while we maintain at all times a subtle result, as is the ethos of our work at PHI Clinic.

If you’re interested in Botox, baby Botox, or any of our other injectable treatments, please contact us at the clinic on 0207 034 5999.

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