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What Is A Full Face Filler Treatment?

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Dermal fillers are an increasingly popular treatment, perhaps due to celebrities in the media being more forthcoming about their enhancements. It seems that everyone knows about lip fillers, and to a lesser extent cheek, chin, and nose fillers, but fewer people are aware that these products can be used for a non-surgical facelift, also called full face filler treatment.

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Dermal Filler Product

The products we use are manufactured by Juvederm, whose parent company, Allergan, also make Botox and provide renowned devices like CoolSculpting. We perform full face filler treatment using products in the Vycross range, which each have their own benefits for different areas of the face.

Juvederm uses hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a sugar naturally found in skin and tissue that acts as a cushioning agent. It can absorb up to 1000 times its own weight in water, which makes it perfect for filling and plumping areas like the cheeks and lips, and it breaks down in just the same way as the HA that exists in your body already.

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Who Will Perform My Treatment?

Full face filler treatment is highly individual and will vary according to the needs of each patient, therefore we always need to see you for a thorough consultation before we go ahead with any procedure. In this consultation, your doctor will ask you what your areas of concern are and create a unique treatment plan for your exact needs. Areas that they may inject in include the lips, forehead, temples, nose, brows, tear troughs, jawline, chin, cheeks, and more.

These points can be used to non-surgically lift the jowls, straighten the nose, define the jaw, lift a drooping brow, and address many other concerns according to your needs. Occasionally, one of our clinicians may recommend that Botox can enhance or complement results from a full face filler treatment.

I was introduced to Dr Tapan, his warm friendly manner made me relax completely and after a very thorough consultation process, he talked me through the treatment he proposed in detail. Having decided to go ahead with the recommended treatment I booked in.

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Dermal filler treatment reviews

The treatment itself was a surprisingly pleasurable experience, I had expected it to be painful, but it was actually quite relaxing, thanks mainly to Dr Tapan who was extremely attentive, thorough, and reassuring throughout my visit. Dr Tapan put fillers in my chin, lips, Cupid’s bow, the folds between my nose and mouth, and a little in my nose. I have been to other aesthetic clinics before but never experienced such gentle treatment or such natural-looking results. My face looks younger and fresher, without looking overdone. I am ecstatic with the results!

This review has been edited for length and clarity, you can find the full testimonial here.

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Full face treatment consultation

For more information about full face filler treatment, or to book a consultation with one of our highly skilled doctors, you can contact us in several ways.

Call 02070345999 to talk to one of our friendly team, with your enquiry, or fill in the contact form on our website and a representative will be in touch at your convenience.

You can also follow and message us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more about PHI Clinic and our treatments.

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