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Getting Rid Of Crow’s Feet Without Botox

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The most common treatment to affect problems like crow’s feet is Botox, but we completely understand that there may be some of you that do not wish to undergo a procedure such as injecting Botox, not agreeing with the idea of a foreign substance being placed under the skin. Everybody has the right to their own opinions on what they want to achieve and the way in which they would like to do it, which is why at PHI Clinic, we house the largest collection of devices, designed to improve texture and tone, stimulate collagen production, and to work to reduce the appearance and signs of ageing to get rid of crow’s feet without Botox.

Crow’s feet: they spring upon us, usually when we least expect it. We smile in a photo and they are not really visible, but when we wake up in the morning, look into the mirror and smile, we will start to see these lines appearing from the sides of our eyes, and in some extreme cases, going all the way down to the mid cheek area.

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So what are my options for getting rid of crow's feet without Botox?

We first need to look at the depth and extent of the wrinkles that have been caused. During an assessment, we will look at the face at rest to see if there are any visible signs of wrinkles in the area, we will also look at your face in animation, for example, when smiling.

When assessing the face in animation and at rest, we can look at what the real extent of the wrinkle is, and what we need to do to meet the expectations highlighted about the outcome of treatment in your consultation.

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Getting rid of crow's feet without Botox : Laser based treatments

When getting rid of crow’s feet without Botox, we will usually use laser based treatments, which is slightly different to an injectable treatment, as with injectables we are preventing the muscle from contracting temporarily, providing quite an impressive, almost instant result that will last for 3-4 months. With device-based treatments, this works very differently, as we are looking at forming a controlled injury under the surface of the skin and encouraging your own body’s healing mechanism to actually treat the wrinkle itself. Because of this, we have to work in partnership with your body, which is why it is important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve the optimum results.

In terms of the amount of treatment required, depending on the patient, anywhere between two and six sessions may be required, and we cannot guarantee the result. However, these results are lasting and can have significant benefit in achieving the natural appearance that patients are looking for.

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Combination of non-surgical interventions

When you see people who have undergone, or are undergoing, treatment who look amazing, results are generally achieved through a combination of treatments, like Botox and laser used in conjunction. This combination of non-surgical interventions can provide you with real beneficial results that are both natural looking and lasting.

For any more information on Botox or laser-based treatments, please get in touch on 0207 034 5999 and a friendly team member will be happy to assist you. We only use branded Botox, the most effective product on the market, manufactured by Allergan.

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