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In the early stages of having glabella lines, they only appear upon expression, and can be reduced with light application of Botox®, but as they deepen and become visible constantly (becoming static lines), they may require a glabella lines filler treatment to smooth them over. Also called bunny lines, glabella lines are the ‘11’ shaped wrinkles that appear between the brows when frowning. They can be caused by repetitive expression, and worsened by external factors like overexposure to UV rays, smoking, having a sugar- and processed food-filled diet, and drinking alcohol.

All these behaviours impact collagen and elastin synthesis in the dermis, making it so that skin has a reduced ability to bounce back from expression, causing the furrows above the nose.

Dermal filler brands - Multi award winning harley street phi clinic london

Dermal filler brands

Glabella lines filler treatments at PHI Clinic are performed using Juvederm dermal fillers, our product range of choice for its longevity, with some people experiencing effects that last up to 24 months. These products employ the naturally occurring sugar, hyaluronic acid, which attracts water to revolumise the area of concern for a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Glabella lines filler : treatment and consultation - Glabella Lines Filler harley street london

Glabella lines filler : treatment and consultation

Within your consultation, you have the chance to express the results you are looking to achieve to your clinician. For a glabella lines filler treatment, this will always be a doctor, as injectables are a doctor-led treatment here at PHI Clinic. Your practitioner will outline a comprehensive treatment plan that includes pricing during this initial consultation, and one of our administrative staff will book you in for your appointment, leaving at least 24 hours between consultation and any procedure.

Your follow up consultation is not only for us to check your results and aftercare, but also for you to express how you feel about the treatment outcomes. We always want to under treat a concern initially, in order to avoid a fake or ‘overdone’ appearance to the face, retaining natural lines of expression for subtle enhancement. If you feel you would benefit from more product, you should make your doctor aware of this so they can recommend next steps for your desired results.

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Logging an enquiry

You can book your consultation with one of our highly trained doctors by logging an enquiry on our website or phoning us directly on 0207 034 5999. We appreciate that so many of you want to book in with Dr Tapan, but due to high demand, that is not always possible.

For more information on our other doctors, you can visit the team page or read our article here about booking in with our other doctors.

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