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How much is arm Liposuction?

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How much is arm Liposuction?

PHI Clinic, of 102 Harley Street, conducts various cosmetic procedures all of which are done with the highest regard to patients. PHI is a doctor led clinic and one of the most regarded clinics endorsed by international specialists.

There are various stubborn areas in which fat can reside and even with the best will in the world and even when coupled with hard work, diet and exercise, that fat still stays. The stubborn areas can vary from person to person as can the amount of fat that needs to be removed. The most problematic areas are flanks, abdomen, thighs and arms. Arms can be a tough area as they are one of the most difficult areas to exercise. To attack the arms you would need to use a combination of workout techniques and these can sometimes not be as successful as desired. Liposuction on the arm area can identify the problematic sites and aid in the shift of fatty deposits.

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There are things to consider if you’re thinking about arm liposuction. First and foremost you would need to understand whether you would be a good candidate for the procedure. The upper arms can be an area which clings to fatty deposits and if the site is bulk then this could be a good treatment for you. However if your upper arms are predominantly folds of skin then liposuction may not be the correct treatment for your situation. At PHI we endeavour to produce the best results for our patients. This is our first and foremost priority. We will offer you a consultation to discuss what options are available and what route you would like to take.

Depending on the amount of fat that you have that needs to be removed in one area would determine what technique needs to be used. There are many options which will assist in the removal of fat from the upper arms, some of which is invasive and others non invasive. To perform an invasive procedure you would incur sufficiently more downtime after the treatment than you would with its counterpart. For the larger pockets of fat a surgical arm liposuction procedure may be best suited however as stated this will be discussed during a consultation.

As stated, all procedures will be discussed with you during your consultation and when the relevant information is acquired you will be able to consider the best options for you.

All treatments at PHI may alter with time but all procedures mentioned in these articles are present at the clinic at the time of publication. PHI prides itself on staying on top of all technological advances and devices to be able to provide you with the best chance of successful treatments.

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