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Laser Skin Tightening With Endolift

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As we age, we may begin to notice sagging across the lower jawline that no shop bought moisturisers that pledge to turn back the clock can treat, but can be treated using laser skin tightening treatments. When you hear of someone seeking a facelift treatment, you automatically think of surgery, by believing you need to go under the knife in order to achieve effective and lasting results. But you would be wrong!

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Revolutionary Laser Skin Tightening Treatment

Endolift is a new device, loved and valued here at PHI Clinic performed by medical director Dr Tapan Patel. Endolift is a non-surgical laser skin tightening treatment with just one treatment needed unless suggested otherwise, with some stating they have seen visible results almost immediately.

Treatment involves tiny micro-optical fibres that are inserted into the skin to create microchannels. These channels act as a light path for micro-fibres, to transmit laser energy to heat tissue to encourage new collagen production. Collagen is the structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues that gives the skin it’s structure and stretch. As we age, collagen begins to diminish, creating concerns of jowls and skin laxity.

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Beloved 10 Years Younger Treatment

If you have already been watching our medical director work his magic on the popular channel 5 TV show, 10 years Younger, you would have seen the revolutionary laser skin tightening treatment in action on a number of transformations.

Rachael (as seen on the image) experienced skin laxity along the lower jawline creating the appearance of jowls. Using micro-optical fibres, laser energy heats the tissue to encourage collagen production to tighten areas of the face, neck and lip area. In Rachael’s case further treatment using dermal fillers were used to treat the cheeks, temples, chin, jawline and lips.

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Patient Testimonial

“I had the endolift treatment today & he put me (Dr Tapan Patel) at ease from the moment he began, he also explained what would happen at each stage of the treatment. A lovely charming man who I very much look forward to seeing again on my six week review.” – Trustpilot review. Review has been edited for length and clarity.

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