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Lip Filler Testimonial

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Lip fillers are a hot topic currently, and their popularity is increasing all the time. When choosing a dermal filler practitioner, it is vital to choose someone who has experience and medical training, and to look at the results they get with patients. Platforms like Instagram have made it easier than ever for patients to view a lip filler testimonial and plenty of results before setting their minds on a clinic or clinician.

Lip filler testimonial : Dr Tapan - georgia cutts harley street london lip fillers

Lip filler testimonial : Dr Tapan

I came to PHI because I just wanted a little boost to my lips, as I had always had to outline my lips to be bigger and have a clear Cupid’s bow, and felt quite insecure about it. I was worried that I might end up like the celebrities you see in magazines with huge lips, but Dr Tapan was so warm and friendly and completely put me at ease through my treatment. It went by so quickly, and I came out with just one tiny bruise that you could only see when I lifted my lip up. They felt a bit lumpy for a few days but then settled down as the product worked its magic, and my results are so natural that you wouldn’t even guess I’ve had anything done.

My PHI journey was a really positive one as everything went so smoothly, and my confidence has shot up because even though it was such a small change it meant a lot to me. I would recommend PHI to anyone who wants to have lip fillers because the doctors really listen to what you want for great results.”
– Lip filler testimonial from a 22 year old patient who had thin lips and undefined Cupid’s bow

Lip filler testimonial : Nurse Sarah - Sarah Botox Injections PHI 690x960

Lip filler testimonial : Nurse Sarah

I had two treatments done – a silk peel facial and lip fillers. This was my first time having either of these treatments done and was particularly nervous about having lip fillers done. Sarah, the nurse performing my treatments put me at ease immediately. She talked me through all the different aspects of the treatments and no question was too big or too small.
She helped me to better understand my own skin and what I can do to maintain the incredible glow I had after the silk peel. My skin had never felt so hydrated, fresh and bright afterwards. I had previously suffered from redness and scarring from breakouts and all of this was hugely reduced – even now, almost a month on, I still wake up and notice the difference in my skin, which is what has led me to this review!
When I came back in the afternoon to have the lip fillers done, I was warmly greeted by Sarah.

I was very relaxed knowing I was in good hands. We took pictures and spoke through what I wanted and what I should expect. The process itself was very quick and relatively painless – a lot less painful than I expected! The results were amazing – extremely natural and exactly what I had hoped for! I’m looking forward to returning to PHI Clinic and their team of wonderful and professional staff.
– Rebecca, Trustpilot lip filler testimonial

PHI Muse - lip filler testimonial results london 690x960 min

PHI Muse

Recently, we welcomed one of our PHI influencers, Georgia, into the clinic for a lip filler treatment. She had 0.6 ml of dermal filler injected into her lips for a subtle but effective enhancement that gave her a plumper pout without a harsh or exaggerated appearance.

Her journey and results can be found on her Instagram, and more information about lip fillers can be found on our Instagram highlights.

Injectable Training Days - lip filler results before after

Injectable Training Days

All of our doctors and injectable nurses train together regularly to ensure that each practitioner is performing safe and effective treatments that give refined outcomes. Dr Tapan leads these training days and passes on techniques he has learned from his travels all over the world so that the clinicians here at PHI Clinic can be ahead of the curve, and all dermal filler treatments are consistent with any of our injectors

You can book your lip filler consultation by contacting us in the clinic on 0207 034 5999.

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