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Liquid Facelift Testimonial

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Alice Hart-Davis tried a new full-face treatment with Dr Tapan, and covers in her latest blog post everything from preparing for treatment, her worries, pain levels, and even patient safety, for a comprehensive liquid facelift testimonial.

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A New Way Of Doing Things

“When using facial fillers, all cosmetic doctors have agreed that less is more and that the art of refreshing the face was to use the minimum quantities possible, a millilitre or two at most. That way, patients ended up looking subtly refreshed, rather than hamster-cheeked and slug-lipped.”

“But now, the aesthetic gurus who set the trends and establish the protocols in how fillers are used – principally the Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio, the rock god of the genre – have come up with a new approach. What you really need for the natural-looking result which is the ultimate goal for all injectors, is more product, not less.”

Liquid Facelift Testimonial : Dr Tapan Explains - Liquid Facelift Testimonial Dr Tapan

Liquid Facelift Testimonial : Dr Tapan Explains

“ Originally, fillers were used to fill lines,’ explains Dr Tapan Patel. ‘But over time, as practitioners developed a better understanding of the ageing process, it was clear that volume loss was a major factor, so we started using fillers to address volume loss. Because doctors and patients were used to treatments comprising one or two 1ml syringes, we were trying to use the same quantity to restore volume. We now know that volume loss isn’t limited to one area. In any one patient, we may need to treat the temple, cheekbone, mouth region, chin and jawline – so we need more product. ”

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Liquid Facelift Testimonial : What About Pain?

“There’s no pain – I had a dab of ice to chill my skin before the needle slipped in – and the filler, a thick, sturdy gel called Voluma – contains local anaesthetic, so it numbs as it goes. Besides, I’m pretty relaxed. Dr P, is medical director of the elite PHI Clinic in Harley Street, and such an expert in the artistic deployment of fillers that he spends half his time travelling around the world, teaching the latest filler techniques to other cosmetic practitioners.”

Needles vs Cannulas

“My chin is marked out in white pencil with two long rectangles below my lower lip, and three round spots along the jawline. The long patches are treated with a cannula, a type of blunt needle that sounds like a terrible idea, but in fact it can nose its way along between the layers of the skin, pushing out of the way fibrous bands, or blood vessels, which a needle could just stab through, so it is gentler on the skin tissues.”

“My lips get the cannula treatment too. Dr P floods them, just below the skin, with Volite, a super-runny type of Juvederm filler, which will hydrate them, rather than add volume. Astonishingly – given that lips are so sensitive, and back in the old days I used to want a dental block anaesthetic before having anyone take a needle anywhere near them – it doesn’t hurt.”

Non Surgical Facelift Testimonial: Safety - non surgical consultation london

Non Surgical Facelift Testimonial: Safety

“The safety aspect is vital, because of the dire lack of regulation in the aesthetics market in the UK. There are around 200 injectable fillers available in the UK, very few of which are backed by the sort of safety and efficacy data demanded, for example, by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA before it will approve a filler for use by doctors.”

“Also, in most other countries, injectable fillers are classed as prescription medicines, which means they are carefully controlled and only doctors can prescribe their use. In the UK, they’re merely classed as ‘medical devices’. Anyone can get hold of them, take a weekend course in how to use them and can, perfectly legally, set themselves up in business to inject other people with them. That’s why if you’re thinking about having fillers, it is so vital to go to an experienced practitioner who uses decent products, and who preferably has an artistic aesthetic eye.”

Non Surgical Facelift Results

“My brain feels scrambled from all the injections, but my face looks great. There isn’t a single bruise – icing before injecting helps there – nor even any puffiness. My lips swell up overnight, but quieten down after 24 hours, and my left jawline swells for a couple of days, before settling. But that’s it. I massage my new face carefully every night, to help the product integrate with the skin tissues. After a week, I can barely feel it in my cheeks, though my chin feels as if it has an internal implant. But I’m thrilled with the results. My face looks more balanced, my brows are less droopy, my chin and jawline firmer.”

Liquid Facelift Testimonial : Treatment Info - Multi award winning harley street phi clinic london

Liquid Facelift Testimonial : Treatment Info

“Dr Patel used Juvederm Voluma, a sturdy gel that’s good for support and structure, in my temples (0.7ml each side), my cheeks (1ml on the right, 1.6ml on the left, to even them up), my chin (2ml), my pre-jowl area (1ml, at the bottom of the chin), and my jaw (1ml along the angle of the jaw on each side), and because my lips needed hydration rather than volume, he used 1ml of super-runny Juvederm Volite in there.”

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For the full liquid facelift testimonial, visit Alice’s website here. Every patient we see has a consultation prior to any treatment at PHI Clinic, and our policy requires at least 24 hours between this initial meeting and treatment to ensure your safety and comfort. To book your liquid facelift consultation, contact us today through our online enquiry form or via phone, on 0207 034 5999.

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