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Male Chin Fillers

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Male chin fillers, or male chin augmentation, and jawline contouring is becoming an increasingly sought after treatment. This is, in part, because going under the knife to create the perfect chin shape is quite a drastic step. Jawline surgery and chin implants are invasive procedures. They require long recovery periods and the resulting downtime can be inconvenient, not to mention the risk of infections or the potential need for further corrections.

So, rather than put themselves through the pain and discomfort of surgery, lots of men are seeking a safer, quicker alternative. They are turning to non-surgical aesthetic procedures to create the perfect chin and jawline silhouette, as within minutes a skilled medical practitioner can give a ‘weak’ chin a more naturally masculine aspect.

By introducing dermal fillers to the chin, it can enhance and add definition to the face. The fillers we use are from the Juvederm Vycross range and these contain a naturally occurring sugar called hyaluronic acid which works by attracting and retaining water in the chin area for a plumping and filling effect to create the desired masculine contours.

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Male Chin Fillers Testimonial

” I visited PHI Clinic as there were areas of my face I wasn’t happy about. I noticed I had lines under my tear troughs which I felt made me look like I was constantly tired, I didn’t like the shape of my jaw, and I had a prominent nose bump. When I went to PHI, I was a bit nervous as I do have a fear of needles however Dr Tapan Patel and the staff at PHI really made me feel comfortable, reassured me and put me at ease because everything was clearly explained to me which put aside my needle phobia. Staff were very attentive and frequently made sure I was ok. The procedure was painless and I couldn’t believe how spectacular the results were immediately! This has only improved in the weeks since visiting PHI and I now feel so much more confident about my facial features, especially seeing a profile view of my face which I disliked before. The bridge of my nose is really straight and my chin and jawline look much more strong and defined. “

– Testimonial from one of our recent patients.

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Effects and Downtime Chin Treatment

The effect of the fillers, which are painless, is immediate and within a few short weeks, the product integrates into the body’s tissues and continues to improve the overall effect and appearance. Chin augmentation can last up to 24 months and has no downtime, though you will be provided with some aftercare information to follow.

We use Volux by Juvederm which has been specifically developed for chin and jawline enhancement and is the most durable product in the Vycross range.

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Male Chin Fillers at PHI Clinic

At PHI Clinic we are skilled in the art of male dermal fillers, and by treating chins and jawlines it can refine overall face shape, improving symmetry and balance. We offer a comprehensive consultation process with one of our highly skilled doctor who will assess your face and make recommendations based on careful measurements. The process can take as little as 30 minutes and you will be invited back 4-6 weeks following your treatment for a review.

For your consultation at PHI Clinic, in the heart of London’s medical district, please call us on 0207 034 5999.

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