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Non-Surgical Cheek Reshaping

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Facial augmentation has traditionally been a surgical endeavour, with many people opting for treatments like facelifts and rhinoplasty in order to affect the shape or contours of the face. However, in recent years, there has been a non-surgical revolution as products like dermal fillers have become more popular for facial treatments. Non-surgical cheek reshaping is one of these treatments and is used by many practitioners as the perfect alternative to a surgical facelift, with none of the downtime, scarring, or risk of serious side effects that are traditionally associated with these more extreme procedures.

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How does non-surgical cheek reshaping work?

At PHI Clinic, we perform non-surgical cheek reshaping with dermal fillers in order to add shape where it hadn’t existed before or replace lost volume. Introducing this volume can create a defined shape to the cheeks as well as give a lift to the skin of the face for a reduction in jowling or sagging along the jaw, for a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

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Who would be suitable for non-surgical cheek reshaping?

Non-surgical cheek reshaping can be used both for enhancement and rejuvenation, as it is capable of creating a defined shape for younger patients and restoring youthful contours in older patients. For rejuvenation treatments, we ask that patients bring a picture of themselves when they were younger in order to create the most natural results possible.

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When can results be seen?

Due to the nature of the dermal fillers we use (the Vycross range by Juvederm), results are noticeable immediately following treatment, but may take 3-4 weeks to settle as the hyaluronic acid in the product attracts and retains water in the skin for the plumping and shaping effect. Your clinician will always give you aftercare advice for any dermal filler treatment, and it is important to follow this in order to achieve the optimal result.

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Cheek Filler London

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