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Non-Surgical Nose Job Review

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Non-surgical nose jobs have become an increasingly popular option for nose reshaping. This is partly due to the increasing skill of medical aesthetic injectors and the amazing dermal filler products available on the market, such as Juvederm Volux or Voluma, to subtly change the shape of the nose.

Secondly, it provides an opportunity to make a change to your nose without the permanent commitment of surgery, because the fillers dissolve naturally after 18-24 months. In contrast, surgical rhinoplasty is a complex operation. The results cannot be guaranteed, and there is associated cost and risk. Rhinoplasty may also require a relatively long recovery period. Read a non-surgical nose job review below!

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Non-Surgical Nose Job Review : Patient Testimonial

I visited PHI Clinic as I wasn’t happy about the shape of my nose, where I had a noticeable bump on the bridge. When I went to PHI, I was anxious as I have a fear of needles but Dr Tapan and his staff really made me so comfortable and reassured me because everything was very clearly explained to me. Staff were so attentive and kept making sure I was ok. The procedure was painless and I couldn’t believe how amazing the results were straight away! This has only improved in the weeks since visiting PHI and I now feel so much more confident about my nose, especially seeing a profile view of my face which I disliked before. The bridge of my nose is really straight and not such a prominent feature which I don’t find embarrassing any more.” – Male testimonial

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What Is A Non-Surgical Nose Job?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is an aesthetic procedure in which injectable fillers, commonly containing hyaluronic acid, like Juvederm, are used to enhance and reshape a person’s nose without the need for invasive surgery. The filler can be used to build up depressed areas on the nose, lift the angle of the tip, or smooth out the appearance of a bump on the bridge.

The treatment is completed in under an hour, there is no downtime, and minimal aftercare is required. Whilst the procedure can alter and improve the shape of the nose from all angles by adding product for definition, it is not able to reduce the size of the nose. However, it can decrease the apparent width or size by making the bridge appear thinner.

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Who Will Perform My Non-Surgical Nose Job?

Here at PHI Clinic, our aesthetic doctors have performed hundreds of non-surgical nose jobs and are constantly kept up to date with the latest developments, ensuring best practice is always maintained. For a consultation with one of our doctors at PHI Clinic please call us on 0207 034 5999 or email us.

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