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Pre-Wedding Treatment: What to have & When

As wedding season approaches, whether you’re getting married or attending someone else’s big day, PHI Clinic can help you prepare with our pre-wedding skincare plan, leaving you feeling confident and ready to say “I Do” to the best version of you!

Our team of experienced clinicians can recommend and administer a variety of skin, face, and body treatments to help you look and feel your best on your special day.

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6-12 Months Before Wedding

When it comes to achieving your desired skin goals, preparation is key. It’s important to give yourself sufficient time to see how your skin responds to the treatments suggested by your skincare professional.
Results can take time, especially with collagen stimulation using energy devices, treatments for skin redness, and skincare designed to treat pigmentation disorders. If you’re interested in trying a treatment like Botox but are apprehensive about how it may look, it’s essential to give yourself plenty of time to try it well in advance of your big day.

Combining injectables and lasers with medical-grade skincare can help optimise the health of your skin, allowing your skin cells to work harmoniously with injectable products and respond effectively to laser-based treatments. However, it’s important to note that it can take time for your skin to adjust to new products and often several months to see appreciable results from topical skincare. Therefore, taking the time to prepare and allowing your skin to adjust to treatments is critical to achieving your desired skin goals.

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Recommended PHI Clinic Treatments:
Skin texture and tone
– Depending on skin concern we can devise an appropriate skincare routine for you using our leading in-clinic skincare ranges.
Silk peel prior to starting new skincare routine, then maintaining this every 2 months so your skincare can work at its best on deeply cleansed skin.
Secret RF – takes 3-4 months to complete course of treatment, then 3 months to see results.
Profhilo: 2 sessions 4 weeks apart, then every 6 months, nice to do 2 rounds of treatment to see best result.

Contour and Structure
Dermal Fillers. By having treatment 6-12 months prior to treatment, this allows results to fully settle. Due to the different layers of the face, we need to split your filler into several sessions to get the best outcomes, working on deeper compartments first, followed by more superficial ones, then finally the refinements with the more delicate areas like lips and tear trough.
Botox. Similar to Dermal Fillers, this allows Botulinum Toxin to settle and for your practitioner to assess what works for you, in order to get the best outcome for you.
Endolift. For those patients with stubborn pockets of fat, signs of cellulite and skin tightening concerns. This non-invasive treatment can work to tighten the skin and reduce pockets of fat for a contoured result.

These treatments may take a few sessions and months to start seeing results so starting your journey with enough time allows for this.

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One Month Before Wedding

Now is the time for your final Injectables appointment, as we recommend patients leave enough time in order for treatment to settle to give you the best possible outcome.

It’s important not to start any new products or injectables with one month to go until the big day. Changing your skincare regime or adding something new, gives you little to no time to fix any issues or to start seeing results.

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Recommended PHI Clinic Treatments:
PHI Glow
-> A quick lunchtime treatment that uses a superficial chemical peel, Laser and LED light to reduce redness, stimulate collagen production and improve the appearance of mild wrinkles and early signs of ageing.

Body Ballancer -> A massage with Body Ballancer can produce a wide range of health, aesthetic and fitness benefits like reducing cellulite, supporting weight loss, reducing swelling, improving digestion and boosting your immune system. Ask your clinician about adding Body Ballancer to your PHI Glow treatment.

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Day Before Wedding

It’s time to prepare the perfect canvas to get you glowing down the aisle. Hydration is key to locking in moisture and radiating a glowing complexion. When looking for over the counter products, ensure you are looking for products providing deep hydration such as hyaluronic acid or ingredients that support your skin’s natural barrier to contribute towards the skin’s natural glow, as opposed to fixing or correcting complexion. If possible try out these products with enough time prior to the big day to ensure the product is right for you.

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Wedding Season at PHI Clinic London

When booking a treatment, we will need to see you for a thorough consultation prior in order to discuss any concerns you may have with one of our highly accredited practitioners, to determine a bespoke treatment plan to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Book a consultation by calling us on 0207 034 5999 or visit our contact page.

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