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Stomach Skin Tightening Treatments

Stomach Skin Tightening Treatments london

Lax skin, especially on the stomach, can be a result of the natural ageing process or down to stress on the body, like following significant weight loss, but Whatever the cause, it can be a source of concern and lead you to look into stomach skin tightening treatments. The first thing we at PHI Clinic would always recommend is seeing a clinician to assess the problem area and ascertain the root of the concern.

Consultation and assessment - fat freezing harley street

Consultation and assessment

What seems like loose skin on the stomach can sometimes be skin laxity, a pocket of stubborn fat, or both coming together to create the appearance of sagging on the abdomen. This is why it is so important to visit a practitioner who can identify the source, in order to pick the most effective course of treatment for your unique needs.

Stomach skin tightening treatments - Stomach Skin Tightening Treatments harley street

Stomach skin tightening treatments

Skin tightening should be used where skin has stretched, or is experiencing reduced collagen and elastin synthesis leaving it looking lax, for a firming effect.

BTL Exilis

The Exilis uses a heating effect caused by the combination of ultrasound and radio-frequency technology for a tightening effect, stimulating collagen production, which has the added bonus of improving texture and tone.


Employing ultrasound, Ultraformer delivers controlled heating to the area of concern to firm skin. This device allows for easily customisable treatments using micro and macro ultrasound technology, and with the ability to change the intensity and skin depth reached, your sessions can be tailored exactly to your individual needs.

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Excess weight

When the issue at hand is excess weight that is difficult to shift, fat reduction methods are available. An alternative to traditional liposuction is cryolipolysis, in which an applicator head is held on the area of concern, that is cooled down to a temperature that causes fat cells to ‘freeze’ and get flushed out through natural processes.

This is a truly targeted treatment, and can be used in conjunction with stomach skin tightening treatments for a holistic course of action.

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Who performs stomach skin tightening treatments?

Both cryolipolysis and skin tightening treatments are performed by our highly experienced aestheticians and nurses, who are trained by Dr Tapan himself, as well as other respected industry professionals. Consultation with these clinicians costs £50, a fee that is taken off the price of any treatment you go on to have.

We require a minimum of 24 hours ‘cooling off period’ between consultation and treatment to ensure you feel comfortable with your practitioner and chosen procedure, and don’t feel rushed into making any decisions, as we understand that these treatments can be a big step for anyone.

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