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EMSCULPT build muscle and sculpt your body

Non-invasive body contouring treatment that combines advanced technology and targeted muscle stimulation to sculpt and tone your physique like never before.

• Practitioner led treatment
• No downtime 
• 20-30 minute treatment


EMSCULPT is a 20-30 minute non-surgical body sculpting treatment, that utilises high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to induce supra-maximal muscle contractions. This innovative procedure is designed to address stubborn fat deposits and build muscle strength simultaneously, resulting in a more defined and toned appearance.

The treatment's efficiency is derived from its ability to activate a large number of muscle fibers simultaneously, leading to a more effective and efficient workout compared to traditional exercise methods. In fact, a single EMSCULPT session can induce approximately 20,000 supra-maximal muscle contractions, which is equivalent to performing thousands of crunches or squats.

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About the EMSULPT treatment

During the EMSCULPT session, the patient lies comfortably while the device is positioned on the targeted area. HIFEM technology is then applied, triggering powerful muscle contractions. These contractions force the muscles to adapt, resulting in increased muscle tone, enhanced definition, and improved fat metabolism in the treated area.

EMSCULPT offers a painless and non-invasive experience, with most patients describing the treatment as a series of intense yet tolerable muscle contractions. The device's precise control allows for targeted and personalised treatments, ensuring optimal results for you. 

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Safe and effective treatment

Your safety is our priority at PHI Clinic. To ensure maximum standards of patient care, EMSCULPT treatments are only ever carried out by our experienced, highly qualified practitioners trained by Dr Tapan Patel. 


All our patients have a thorough consultation before having procedures with us and treatment is always carried out on a separate day. We believe it is essential for patients to be able to think before deciding whether to go ahead with any treatment.

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