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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal


Hair in unwanted places can not only be a nuisance physically, but it can knock your self-esteem. Hair removal is a common part of many people’s beauty regimes, but traditional methods available in the UK, such as creams, waxing and shaving are not only temporary fixes, but can also be quite painful, laborious and foul-smelling. Laser hair removal is a fast, relatively pain-free solution which gives longer-lasting results, compared to other methods.

At PHI Clinic we appreciate a need for safe treatment, for that reason we are proud to announce that while other laser hair removal machines may provide the same result over time; the machines we have at PHI Clinic can deliver results much faster and in a safer manner.

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Technical Information

At PHI Clinic we only use the latest in gold standard devices. Our laser hair removal device has advanced technologies, specifically designed to target stubborn, unwanted hair, while ensuring the patient experience is as comfortable as possible.

Every hair on the body has a follicle, a tube-shaped sac also called a bulb or root. When laser hair removal is performed, we target the hair within the follicle with highly concentrated flashes of light energy; this light is absorbed by the pigment in hair and converts into heat energy, which in turn damages the follicle to stop or delay the growth of new hair. Over time, with continued treatments, many patients see a great reduction in hair growth in the treated area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we recommend a minimum of 24 hours between the patch test and any treatment.

As a guideline, we suggest patients have 4-6 sessions. It is advisable that patients come to the clinic every 4-6 weeks. Not only will consistent treatments provide better results in the long term, it will also allow for the hairs to be treated in the best stage of growth.


At PHI, our Aesthetic Therapists are highly qualified, meaning they can treat patients who are skin types 1-6. We require all patients to have a patch test at least 48 hours before laser hair removal. This can be done during your initial consultation, where you will discuss with the clinician what treatment plan is best for you. The patch test is essential to make sure you do not react to laser treatment, and that the correct settings are used. Hair density, colour and skin types are all factors that our Aesthetic Therapists take into consideration when providing laser treatment.

A full assessment is made on what parameters are used, what machine is used, and you will be given a realistic plan for what results you will see, and when to see them. Laser treatment it not advisable for those who are pregnant or breast feeding. While there is no clinical proof that it puts the baby or mother at risk, we always like to steer towards safety. Equally, if you have had laser treatment in the past and have fallen pregnant, it is important to note that hair growth may be triggered, due to hormonal imbalance. However, the majority of the hairs will be permanently removed.

We urge that all those who are considering laser treatment seek a practitioner who is fully-trained in using the device. Laser treatment is unregulated in the UK, meaning anyone can perform treatment. That is not to say that everyone is able to operate the device safely; if the right settings are not used, patients are susceptible to burning. It is crucial, especially for patients of colour, to not only see a specialist, but also to have a patch test prior to treatment. This ensures that the right settings are used, and that the patient is suitable for treatment.

Our Senior Aesthetic Nurses & Therapists have gained years’ worth of experience working for various clinics, they have been hand selected to join PHI Clinic based on their dedication and commitment to patient care.

Almost any area of the body on which hair grows can be treated, including the arms and between eyebrows. For a breakdown of the treatments we offer, please call 02070345999 or book a consultation.

There is no downtime with this device, and patients can resume their usual activities straight after having treatment. Many patients have laser hair removal during their lunch breaks, due to how efficient and safe it is. You may experience a warm sensation during treatment, and a little sensitivity afterwards; your practitioner will go through any expected risks with you prior to treatment.

For the initial patch test, you will not need to prepare the area as this will be done by the clinician. However, it is advisable that you shave the area before treatment. The clinic has means for dry shaving, but to avoid shaving rash and discomfort, it is best that patients come shaved to their appointment.

When having a course of treatment, patients should not wax. Without any hair, there will be no pigment for the laser to attach to, meaning treatment is futile. It is best to let the hairs grow, or to shave prior to treatment.

The price for Laser Hair Removal treatments start from: £65

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Laser Hair Removal

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