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If you suffer with scars from old injuries, or perhaps even acne from puberty, laser resurfacing can help to break down the scar tissue and reduce the scar’s appearance. Laser resurfacing is also adopted to rejuvenate the skin, as it reveals a fresh layer of skin.

The SCAAR FX is the most intense setting on the Ultrapulse device. The laser pulse goes deep into the dermis to break down scar tissue and promote collagen production, helping the body to reform and repair the skin. This setting is mainly used for scarring and acne scarring.

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Before and after SCAAR FX treatment

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Technical Information

The device creates a “”controlled wound”” in order to trigger the body’s natural healing processes. In order for scar tissue to break down, an ablative laser is used, so that collagen production is encouraged and the scar loses some of its integrity.

This treatment has been proven to reduce the texture and tone of the deepest lesions and scars atrophic, tethered and rolling scars.

SCAAR FX has been lauded as the best solution to atrophic scars (pitted scars like those from acne), tethered scars (scars that are attached to an underlying structure), and rolling scars (those with rounded or sloping edges) and as Dr Tapan Patel, an internationally renowned cosmetic dermatologist (and director of PHI Clinic), takes a special interest in treating scars, you know you are in safe hands with this treatment.

Conditions treated with SCAAR FX

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the severity of the treatment, it is usually a one-off treatment. It may be that additional session are needed, but this will be discussed fully with your doctor.

Dr Tapan Patel team are highly experienced in treating scars, acne scars and patients of colour. Skin types 1-6 can be treated at PHI.

This treatment will be performed by Dr Tapan’s team.

The most common area is the face and chest, though other areas can be treated.

Due to its ablative nature, downtime is longer than most non-surgical treatments. Patients will be red, their skin may flake and this may take a good week or so to subside. While the treatment does not prevent people from carrying out their usual activities, most patients prefer to rest at home until the skin is fully repaired. This also depends on area treated.

The price for SCAAR FX treatments start from: £450

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