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PHI Clinic are proud to be the first clinic in England to have UniverSkin Bespoke skincare, a revolutionary skincare range which is personalised and tailored to your individual skin requirements.

Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, yet it is the last to be nourished. In order to protect, correct and maintain good, healthy skin, we need to have a skincare regimen in place. However, most of us are put off by confusing ingredients labels and the plethora of skincare brands out there. So what if someone did all the hard work for you? What if someone identified your skin concerns and knew exactly what you needed?

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Technical Information

After puzzling over these questions, POM – a state-of-the-art laboratory in Nice, France – decided to formulate a skincare range which is for everyone, but not anyone. Rather than generating generic skincare which is stocked in large quantities, aimed at skin types (sensitive, oily, ‘normal’), they believed the answer was to study fresh, active ingredients which are proven to aid with various skin concerns and conditions, and devise individual skincare, mixing the ingredients right before your eyes. Its this very concept that makes it one of the best skincare products on the market.

Think of UniverSkin like a classy, bespoke cocktail – you tell us what you want from your skincare, our top clinical staff identify your needs with their expertise and experience, thus creating a unique combination of active ingredients, just for you.

Conditions treated with Universkin

Frequently Asked Questions

Skincare is always a maintenance programme, just as cleaning your teeth is ongoing. By having this in place, however, you can prevent signs of ageing and prevent further damage to your skin. As the ingredients are fresh and potent, we do ask patients to attend the clinic once every six weeks to review and assess the skin, as well as pick up their new bottle. This means that you have guidance with your skincare and you can ask questions as you go along, as well as increasing/decreasing the percentages of ingredients as your skin improves.

Due to the very nature of the skincare range, everyone is suitable for treatment. Working with your individual requirements allows us to tailor your treatment.

The price for Universkin treatments start from: £85

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