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Are there any vegan friendly dermal fillers?


Both non-surgical cosmetic procedures and veganism have increased in popularity in recent years, making it natural that the two will meet at some point. So are there any vegan friendly dermal fillers? First, it’s vital to outline the parameters of what ‘vegan’ means. Dietary veganism involves avoiding animal products in food, with ethical veganism extending beyond that to avoiding clothing, medicines, and more that contain animal products or are tested on animals.

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Vegan Dermal Fillers

We use dermal fillers for a range of treatments, from correcting static lines (lines that are visible when the face is at rest), reducing the appearance of nasolabial folds and scars, and even performing non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose job). Cheek enhancement with filler can be used to correct hollow cheeks and even improve jowling along the jaw, and our full face rejuvenation treatment offers a refreshed, younger appearance, with softened lines and wrinkles. Results lasting up to 24 months, though this will vary from person to person as your body processes the product.

At PHI Clinic, we only use Juvederm dermal fillers, by Allergan. These fillers use hyaluronic acid (HA) to attract and retain water for a volumising effect, perfect for use in the face. HA is a naturally occurring sugar that acts as a cushioning agent in the skin, keeping it moisturised. While HA can be sourced from animals, Juvederm products use synthetic HA, called Non-Animal Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid, or NASHA.

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Is dermal fillers tested on animals?

While the product itself is vegan, dermal fillers fall under medical products, which are required by law to be tested on animals. Juvederm is manufactured by Allergan, who are pushing to reduce, and eventually get rid of, animal testing, and thus the amount of tests done are minimal, but they do still happen widely due to regulation surrounding medicines.

The honest answer is that it depends. Based on your standpoint, whether you’re an ethical or dietary vegan, you may see dermal fillers as safe for your use, and can make a decision about whether you wish to continue with your dermal fillers journey. We also offer alternatives to injectables for addressing fine lines and wrinkles, like the Tixel device, which can be used even in the sensitive eye are for a reduction in crow’s feet.

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Harley Street Clinic

If you are unsure, you can arrange a consultation with one of our doctors, who can talk you through dermal fillers and the other options we have available for treatment.

You can book this by phoning us on 02070345999, logging an enquiry through our website here.

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