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Eye Bags

Eye Bags

Introduction to Eye Bags

Periorbital puffiness, also known as puffy eyes, or swollen eyes are a common condition that can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender. Eye bags are sagging or loose skin, dark circles, or mild swelling just below the eye, commonly caused by a range of issues like smoking, alcohol consumption, and lack of sleep. Other causes include, but are not limited to, loss of fatty tissue, weakening of the orbital septum, genetics, sun exposure, and poor diet.

Some swear by home remedies like placing tea bags beneath the eyes, adding essential oils to eye creams, or applying a cold compress. However, this may only reduce the appearance of dark bags temporarily, and may not get rid of dark circles with lasting results. Skin care can similarly have short-term results but an aesthetic treatment may be necessary for lasting outcomes.

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Before and after Eye Bags treatment

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Factors To Consider

Smoking – smoking causes skin to become dehydrated, and some doctors suggests that nicotine withdrawal during the night can disrupt sleep, which worsens dark circles under the eye

Alcohol consumption – alcohol is another vice that cause dehydration of the skin, making it more likely to become weak and sink, or sag Sleep deprivation – when you don’t have enough sleep, blood vessels can dilate, creating or worsening dark circles under eyes

Loss of fatty tissue – as we age, fatty tissue in the upper cheeks breaks down, which can lead to protruding bulges under the eye if there is an uneven breakdown rate

Weakening of the orbital septum – the orbital septum is a thin membrane that hold fat under the eye; as we age it weakens and allows the fat behind it to sag or bulge and press against the skin under the eye, adding to or causing bags under the eyes

Genetics – unfortunately genetics can play a big part in how noticeable bags beneath the eyes are, but in most cases there is more than one reason behind this problem, and figuring out what worsens it can go a long way in helping to treat the issue

Poor diet – a high sodium diet can affect the delicate under eye area, as salty foods can cause water retention beneath the eye, which can make bags more obvious

At PHI Clinic, we have a range of treatments to address bags under eyes; book a no obligation consultation with one of our trained clinicians to figure out the best options for you.

Treatments available for Eye Bags

Frequently Asked Questions

Treating beneath the eye with Juvederm hyaluronic acid fillers should provide results for up to 24 months.

Due to the delicate nature of the treatment, a thorough consultation must be conducted in order to establish suitability. Tear trough treatment is provided by our cosmetic doctors and nurses.

There is no downtime associated with this treatment however patients may experience some bruising.

The price for Eye Bags treatments start from: £695

Speak to our team today to book your consultation.

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Eye Bags

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