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Stomach Fat

Stomach Fat

Introduction To Stomach Fat Treatment

The stomach, or abdomen, is one of the places on our bodies that can harbour stubborn fatty deposits. Stomach fat has a variety of factors that can cause these deposits and worsen them, including your age, your diet, and even your genetics.

As we age, our metabolic rate decreases, which reduces how many calories we burn in a day. If we eat more calories than we burn over an extended period of time, the excess is stored in fat cells, which can swell to six times their size, creating the fatty deposits that are a source of contention for many people.

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Before and after Stomach Fat treatment

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Factors to consider

Diet – processed food can cause inflammation that hinders your ability to lose belly fat, these include refined sugar, white bread, and processed grains.

Stress – the stress hormone cortisol can cause you to overeat, and eat ‘comfort foods’ that result in weight gain. High levels of cortisol have been linked to having higher levels of visceral fat (‘deep’ fat that is stored further under the skin and can be dangerous).

Sleep – sleeping less than 5 hours a night can cause you to gain weight, as your body over-produces the hormone that tells you you’re hungry and under-produces the hormone that tells you when you’re full.

Genetics – your body shape can make it harder to naturally lose visceral fat, especially for those who are ‘apple-shaped’, with a wide torso, broad shoulders, full waist and upper back.

Treatments available for Stomach Fat

Frequently Asked Questions

With all non surgical fat reduction treatments, multiple sessions may be required.

Non surgical fat removal treatments are suitable for most however, must never be considered a weight loss treatment.

Stomach fat reduction treatments are performed by our trained nurses and therapists.

There is no downtime associated with non surgical stomach fat removal at PHI Clinic however, some discomfort following treatment is expected.

The price for Stomach Fat treatments start from: £850

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Stomach Fat
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