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Laser Liposuction: The New and Improved Method of Fat Removal


In the past, liposuction techniques have been known to have a bit of a reputation. Thankfully in recent years, methods used for liposuction have improved vastly, meaning they are incredibly safe, effective and precise.

Liposuction at PHI

At PHI, we use the most advanced methods of liposuction there are. One of the most popular techniques is laser liposuction, where a small laser fibre is introduced under the epidermis to dissolve unwanted fat deposits and improve the appearance of the skin.

Laser liposuction delivers controlled pulses of light energy to the problem area, which is used to heat and break down fat cells and the septae which pull down on the skin’s surface creating the uneven contour. The excess fat is then drained from the body and the healing process can begin.

Patients are required to wear a pressure garment after the procedure to ensure the best possible results and improve healing time.


Mr Hassan Shaaban is a leading authority on laser liposuction in the UK, and performs these procedures on a regular basis, achieving phenomenal results in the safest environment.

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