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Like other fractional resurfacing laser treatments, Deep FX specifically targets only a portion of the skin so that the surrounding tissue is not damaged.

Laser resurfacing is mainly used to target scarring and skin rejuvenation. By removing dead and diseased cells, laser resurfacing can improve the tone, texture and movement of the skin, providing clearer skin to patients who want away with scarring, sun damage, or deep wrinkles. It is an increasingly popular treatment that provides great results. It is also preferable for those who are not ready or do not wish to go under the knife.

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Before and after DEEP FX treatment

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Technical Information

The DEEP FX’s hand-piece produces a beam that penetrates deeper into the lower part of the skin. This stimulates collagen production to help revitalise and improve the appearance of damaged or scarred skin.

This setting is higher than the ACTIVE FX (part of the same device), and is mainly used to treat scarring. This a targeted treatment, focused on a section of the skin, meaning surrounding tissue is left unharmed.

Our dermatologists are experts at using Deep FX to give patients a smooth and healthy look, improving facial skin and contours, reducing smokers’ lines, lip lines, and scars, as well as diminishing discolouration of the skin.

Conditions treated with DEEP FX

Frequently Asked Questions

As it is an ablative treatment, patients should not have treatment any sooner than 6 months after their initial session. The amount of sessions needed and which setting to be used will all be discussed upon examination.

Dr Tapan Patel and his team of doctors are highly experienced in treating scars, acne scars and patients of colour. Skin types 1-6 can be treated at PHI.

This treatment will be performed at PHI Clinic by Dr Tapan Patel and his team of doctors.

The most common area is the face and chest, though other areas can be treated.

Because of the ablative nature of the device, patients are advised to take some time post-treatment to recover. It is not a particularly drastic treatment, but some patients may prefer to let the skin heal completely before resuming their usual activities, though it does not affect their capability to. This can take 4-5 days.

Some redness, flaking and inflammation can be expected, but patients are provided with the appropriate after care and receive follow-ups to check their progress.

The price for DEEP FX treatments start from: £595

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