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Non Surgical Nose Job

Non Surgical Nose Job


Having one particular facial feature out of proportion to the rest can cause distress. Equally, the need to resort to rhinoplasty surgery is perhaps not an attractive prospect either. There is now a vast selection of treatments to reshape the nose, including non surgical nose job, whether following a sustained injury or unhappiness with the structure of the nose, including a pronounced bump (a dorsal bump).

The most popular of these is non surgical nose reshaping or a non surgical nose job to treat a crooked or asymmetrical nose. These both avoid the use of scalpels and anaesthetic, and eliminate worries about needing to cover bruising or scarring and a lengthy period of downtime. As well as this, the procedure can take less than an hour from start to finish, with minimal recovery time of merely a few days.

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About HA Fillers

HA Fillers are a specially-formulated gel that can be introduced under the skin via injection. They not only help to rejuvenate, restore volume and iron out fine lines and wrinkles, but also help to re-contour the features in a natural-looking way.

We do not use permanent fillers at PHI, as we believe patients should have the decision about the permanency of their treatment. That is not to say that results will fade quickly; these superior products can last up to 24 months post-treatment.

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Technical Information

Non-surgical rhinoplasty can be used to correct both birth defects and previous surgical rhinoplasty in the event of dissatisfaction with results, making it the perfect option for people who are reluctant to go under the knife. Due to the temporary nature of the treatment, which can last up to two years, fillers can be redone, altered, or removed as the patient wishes. It is important when considering non-surgical rhinoplasty to understand that it is a highly specialised procedure that requires an experienced clinician in order to attain the best results.

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