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phi triple repair collagen treatment in london

PHI Triple Repair

PHI Triple Repair is a combination of the latest treatments and devices used to rejuvenate and enhance skin quality that has moderate to severe scarring or textural concerns. Exclusively available here at PHI Clinic London


PHI Triple Repair helps to increase collagen production and improve the skin’s texture. 

What is PHI Triple Repair and how does it work?

First, an ultrasound device, the Ultraformer, is used to stimulate collagen synthesis in the deeper layers of the skin by causing micro thermal injuries. Then a form of dermal filler called Radiesse is injected via a tiny needle into the areas of concern to plump up the skin and give support and volume. Radiesse also helps to stimulate the body’s own natural collagen production over time. Micro needling is then performed to enhance this cascade of new collagen in the superficial layers of the skin. 


During treatment, tiny needles are used to create micro injuries to the skin. This stimulates collagen and elastin production by a healing and repair response, resulting in a thicker dermis and a reduced appearance in fine lines, scarring, and other textural concerns. 

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Results can be significant depending on the severity of the concern but it is important to understand that while results are long-lasting, it cannot be guaranteed that results are permanent. Factors such as ageing, damage to the skin, or the development of a medical condition affecting the skin may impact the results achieved.

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How often should I have treatment, and how many will I need?

On average, it has been found that 3-6 session are needed to see a significant improvement in indications such as scarring, lines, wrinkles, and poor skin quality. These sessions should be spaced 4-6 weeks apart. For patients with little indication but would like to maintain good skin quality and delay the signs of ageing, it is recommended that you have one session every 4-8 weeks. Depending on the specific concern, the number of sessions may be increased or decreased to suit the desired result.

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Is there any downtime?

Initially the skin will remain red and may be hot to the touch for up to an hour after treatment. There may be some pinpoint bleeding from the micro needling, which usually subsides within an hour and forms incrustations. These incrustations may be visible even under makeup for up to a week so please factor this into your schedule when booking for this treatment


Your normal daily activities may be resumed immediately post treatment, although it is vital that you follow the recommended aftercare advice to help to achieve the best results possible and minimise complications.

Safe and effective treatment

Your safety is our top priority and making our patients feel welcomed and reassured when entering PHI Clinic. To ensure maximum standard of patient care, all of our treatments are only ever carried out by our experienced and highly qualified team, who receive regular in-house and external training from industry experts. 

At PHI Clinic we do not offer same day treatment as initial consultation to ensure patients have time to reflect on their bespoke treatment plan before choosing to proceed. 

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